10 Best Adopt a Whale Programs That You Whale Love!

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This post focuses on the different adopt a whale programs all over the world. It lists the different organizations you can support to help protect and save whales.

For centuries, whales have had a complicated history with humans. As one of the largest animals that have ever lived on the planet they have brought both awe and fear among men. Able to grow to over 100 feet and weigh more than 150 tons, these gigantic creatures have been hunted and harmed for their meat or for shear fun.

In recent years because of research and science, we are slowly understanding how remarkable these creatures are. They play a critical role in the health of our planet. Which is why now more than ever we need to protect them.

If you would like to help save whales, you can symbolically adopt a whale through non-profit ocean conservation groups. Whale adoptions mean you are supporting an organization that does care for them.

These marine conservation organizations have made it their mission to protect whales through various research, education, and conservation projects. They are among the best whale foundations that encourage ordinary citizens to get involved.

For an affordable adoption fee, you, your family or friends, can sponsor a whale that needs your help. Companies or other organizations can also adopt a whale if they would like to engage in philanthropic efforts.

If you are looking for gifts for whale lovers, these are perfect to give for birthdays, holidays, or for no reason at all. These symbolical whale adoptions are also wonderful gifts for scuba divers and ocean lovers.

If you would like to save the whales, here are the 10 best adopt a whale programs you can support today.

1. Whale and Dolphin Conservation- Whale Adoption Project

“Adopting a whale or dolphin is an amazing way to show your love for these extraordinary individuals. All proceeds go to the protection of whales and dolphins around the world and the conservation of the habitat in which they live.”

Why you’ll love adopting a whale from Whale and Dolphin Conservation:

  • Choose to adopt an orca that lives off the west coast of Canada or adopt a humpback whale that spends summers off the east coast of the USA
  • Choose to adopt 1 or all 9 whales in their adoption roster.
  • Receive a welcome pack that includes your adoption certificate and information about whales
  • Learn about your adopted whale’s family tree
  • Get monthly updates about your adopted whale
  • Convenient paying scheme of monthly or annual adoption

Adoption price: $50

2. Ocean Alliance- Adopt a whale

“By adopting a whale, you are directly supporting the programs and activities we run to protect whales and their ocean environment through research and education.”

Why you’ll love to sponsor a whale at Ocean Alliance:

  • Choose to adopt one out of the 30 most charmatic whales that spend their summers off the coast of New England, and particularly Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  • Three adoption tiers available depending on your budget
  • All adoptions packages include Official Digital Whale Adoption Certificate, Voyage of the Odyssey – Acoustic Adventures digital download, subscription to Whales Tales e-newsletter, two whale image digital wallpaper
  • Upgrade your adoption and receive other premium gift items
  • Corporate adoption package includes whale adoption for 10 employees
  • Adopt as a one time purchase or choose to renew your adoption each year

Adoption price: $30-$1000

3. Blue Ocean Society- Adopt a humpback/ fin/ minke whale

“The Blue Ocean Society’s mission is to protect marine life in the Gulf of Maine through research, education and inspiring action. Adopt a local whale and learn about whales and conservation all year long!”

Why you’ll love the whale adoption program of Blue Ocean Society:

  • Select from the 8 local whales that have been sighted regularly
  • Choose if you want to adopt a humback whale, fin whale, or minke whale
  • Receive a personalized adoption certificate, high-resolution color image of your whale and sightings history, species fact sheet, and sightings updates of your adopted animal via e-mail
  • Option to receive the whale adoption kit via email so it is more eco-friendly and you can receive it right away

Adoption price: $30

4. Pacific Whale Foundation- Adopt and name a whale

“Pacific Whale Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting our oceans and marine wildlife through research, education and conservation. Now more than ever, the world’s whales, dolphins, sea turtles, coral reefs and other marine organisms need your help to thrive in their natural ocean habitat.”

Why you’ll love adopting a whale from Pacific Whale Foundation:

  • Choose to adopt a false killer whale or a humback whale that are frequently sighted in Hawaii or Australia
  • Receive the adopted whale’s story and sightings, species info and Pacific Whale Foundation Research overview, as well as a certificate and sticker.
  • Frequently get email updates about the adoption program and any re-sighted animals
  • For $1000, you or your company can adopt and name a whale
  • Option to make the adoption digital to prevent shipping waste

Adoption price: $80 | $1000

5. The Whale Museum- Adopt an orca

“Proceeds from orca adoptions support ongoing education, research and public outreach on behalf of the Southern Resident Community of killer whales.”

Why you’ll love adopting an orca from The Whale Museum:

  • Get to choose from over 60+ orcas belonging to 3 different whale pods
  • Adoption packages gives you the option to adopt an orca as an individual, a family or as a student class
  • Receive a personalized adoption certificate with a photo of your whale, and a personal biography and genealogy chart of your adopted orca, an informational booklet about the Southern Resident Orcas, an annual subscription of the Cetus newsletter.
  • Additional gifts items or perks are included depending on adoption package you choose
  • Each month you will receive email updates about your orca
  • Your orca adoption comes with a free 1-year membership, which entitles you to free admission to The Whale Museum Exhibit Hall and a 10% discount on in-store and online merchandise purchases

Adoption price: $35 – $70

6. Whales of Guerrero – Name and adopt a whale

“The opportunity to name and adopt a whale is an incredibly special experience and we would love for you to have the honor of become a whale’s patron. When you name a whale, that name becomes associated with the whale forever and your name is added to the whale’s ID records as your whale’s patron and human protector.”

Why you’ll love adopting a humpback whale through Whales of Guerrero:

  • Becoming a humpback whale patron will give you naming rights. The whale’s name you choose gets entered into the HappyWhale global database for everyone to see.
  • Allows you to also adopt a humpback whale for 1-2 years, this includes a digital adoption certificate, photograph of fluke, whale bio, and annual update
  • Supports the mission to study and protect whales and the ocean

Adoption price: $60 USD; 2 years=$100 USD, $500 – $1000 to name a whale

7. National Wildlife Federation – Adopt a beluga whale

“Your adoption is symbolic and your donation will be used where it is needed most to help protect America’s wildlife.”

Why you’ll love the adopt a whale program of National Wildlife Federation:

  • With every adoption kit donation, the National Wildlife Federation will plant one tree to help protect and restore the wild places that nurture wildlife
  • All adoption packages includes a certificate of adoption and an 11″x14″ full-color poster
  • Receive a beluga whale plushie and calendar for higher priced adoption packages.

Adoption price: $25-$55

8. World Wildlife Fund- Adopt a narwhal

“World Wildlife Fond (WWF) works in nearly 100 countries and is supported by more than 1 million members in the United States and more than 5 million globally. Your donation provides general support and makes you a member. 83% of spending is directed to worldwide conservation activities.”

Why you’ll love the whale adoption program of WWF:

  • The basic narwhal adoption kit includes an adoption certificate and photo, a species card and gift box.
  • You can upgrade your adoption and receive a narwhal plushie in your adoption package
  • Virtual narwhal whale adoptions allows you to adopt without receiving the gifts and trinkets which you might not need.

Adoption price: $25-$100

9. Irish Whale and Dolphin Group- Humpback Whale Adoptions

“Our mission is to promote better understanding of cetaceans & their habitats through education & research. We carry this out by: the collection & distribution of information and collaboration with universities, government & research groups

Why you’ll love to sponsor a whale from Irish Whale and Dolphin Group:

  • Choose to adopt from a list of 5 humpback whales
  • Receive an info pack on your adopted whale including your certificate of adoption
  • Get an annual email update on your whale at the end of the field season
  • Adopting a whale helps cover the expenses incurred while surveying and monitoring the whales

Adoption price: €20.00

10. Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS)- Whale Adoption Program

“By adopting a whale you support MICS in continuing its long-standing research efforts and its conservation work in the Saint-Lawrence.”

Why you’ll love to adopt a whale from

  • The whale adoption package includes an adoption certificate, a biography of the whale, an identification sheet, and up to 3 high-resolution photographs of your adopted whale.
  • Adoption packet is sent via email so you can print it anytime and any size you want.
  • Choose from a roster of new and old individuals of humpback, fin and blue whales that are well-known individuals sighted in many different places
  • Gain access to all the information of an individual whale that has been collected over the course of its life
  • Follow the movements and wanderings of these whales on our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • For an additional fee, you can request for a specific whale to adopt

Adoption price: $110-$555

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10 best adopt a whale programs

Have you adopted a whale before? Do you know of any other whale adoption programs in your own country? Leave a comment below!

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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