22 Best Nudibranch Gifts for Sea Slug Lovers

best nudibranch gifts

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Nudibranchs also known as sea slugs are shell-less marine molluscs that are found all throughout the world’s oceans. They are most popular among scuba divers, marine biologists, ocean explorers because of their beautiful colors, distinctive shapes, and tiny sizes.

There are more than 2000 knowns species of nudibranchs. Seeing one underwater often brings wonder and curiousity to those who encounter them.

In this post you will find the most unique nudibranch gifts you can get for those who love the weird yet wonderful slugs under the sea. These nudibranch merchandise are excellent gifts for scuba divers, scientists and ocean adventurers.

Continue reading if you’re looking for presents for the sea slug lover in your life.

1. Wool-made nudibranch display box set

Display box with nudibranch sea slugs decor Wool Creature

This 11-piece needle felted nudibranchs set in a display box is a fantastic gift for divers and marine biologists. You can choose from various nudibranch species that are handmade from 100% merino wool.

2. Nudibranchs of the World Poster

Nudibranchs of the World Poster by Wildlife Art by Roger

Nudibranchs of the World Poster features fine art illustrations of various species of nudibranch. The unframed print is 10″ x 12″ (25.4cm x 30.5cm) which would look great in a sea slug lover’s room or atop a desk. This illustration is one of the best gifts for nudibranch lovers in your life.

3. Nudibranch mug

Nudibranch coffee mug sharon mcgauley

The nudibranch mug features the colorful tiny slugs of the sea. Show your love for the ocean with this unique coffee cup. It is one of the most useful and beautifuls gifts for sea slug lovers, scuba divers, or marine biologist.

4. Nudibranch pins set

Nudibranch enamel pins set by Owl And Bear Art Studio

These nudibranch enamel pins are absolutely adorable! It features different sea slugs like Spanish Shawl nudibranch, Butterfly nudibranch, Lettuce Sea slug, and more. Grab the set as a gift for your nudibranch-loving friends or keep them all for yourself!

5. Nudibranch sea slug air plant holder

Nudibranch sea slug air plant holder by Infinite Love Creative

Bring some life into your space with these beautiful Nudibranch sea slug air plant holder. This decorative pot will fit perfectly on any desk, shelf, or window sill. Any sea slug-loving, plant mom or dad will love this handmade nudibranch gift.

6. Nudibranch sea slug ornaments

The Sea Slug and Kraken

Featuring a selection of nudibranchs from around the world, this 9-piece sea slug ornament set can be a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree. The scuba diver ornaments can be bought individually or as a set. Give them as a gift to ocean and nudibranch lovers and they’ll love hanging them not just during Christmas but the whole year round!

7. Nembrotha kubaryana nudibranch plushie

Nembrotha kubaryana nudibranch plushie The Sea Bunny Nook

Nembrotha kubaryana sea slug plushie is made out of soft fleece and stuffed with fluffy polyester filling that’s perfect for cuddling. This handmade nudibranch plush toy is handmade so no two will be exactly alike. This is one of the cutest gifts for nudibranch lovers.

8. Nudibranch incense burner or jewelry dish

Nudibranch incense burner or jewelry dish SkullpturesByJaden

The hand-sculpted ceramic nudibranch incense holder is inspired by the Hypselodoris tryoni. This dish can also be used for jewelry or trinkets or as a fun decorative piece for your home.

9. 3D-printed nudibranch figurine

Marula Creative Woodi the Nudibranch (Goniobranchus collingwoodi)

A 3D-printed nudibranch is one of the coolest gifts for sea slug lovers. This design is inspired by the Goniobranchus collingwoodi nudibranch but you can choose from a variety of sea slug species. Display them of your desk or stick them on your walls to remind you of your favorite underwater slugs.

10. Nudibranch species ID t-shirt

Nudibranch species ID t-shirt 

This Nudibranch species ID shirt is a lovely gift for men or women who love sea slugs. The classic fit shirt features 16 different nudibranch species. Any ocean scientist, marine biologist, ocean advocate, or nudibranch enthusiast will love wearing this fun and educational shirt.

11. Nudibranch Sweatshirt

Send Nudes nudibranch sweatshirt ToTheSeaa

Here is a Send Nudes nudibranch sweatshirt only gastropod lovers will understand. This is perfect to be worn for a casual night out or while lounging at home. Get one as a gift for scuba divers, marine scientists, oceanographers, ocean lovers, and of course, whale lovers!

12. Funky nudibranch socks

Funky nudibranch socks Owl And Bear Art Studio

These funky nudibranch socks will keep your nude feet warm! These comfortable and breathable socks can be worn every day or for special occasions. Grab a pair for yourself or someone who who loves these tiny colorful critters..

13. Nudi beanie hat

Girls that Scuba Nudi beanie hat

Look good and stay warm with this pink nudi beanie from Girls That Scuba. It features 3 nudibranchs namely, Chromodoris bullocki, Chromodoris Magnifica and Nembrotha Kubaryana. The embroidered sea slugs design will only be recognized by any nudibranch fanatic that you know.

14. Pink nudibranch laying eggs necklace


This pink nudibranch necklace will surely be treasure by any sea slug addict. It is a beautifully handmade keepsake featuring a nudibranch laying eggs on a sea fan. Made of sterling silver and enamel, this ocean-inspired jewelry is a perfect gift for birthdays, mother’s day, anniversary, Christmas, valentines, and more! 

15. Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest Wallet

Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest Wallet by The Sea Slug and Kraken

This sea slug-designed wallet features the vivid colors of nudibranchs found in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest. The vegan clutch is an excellent gift for women divers who are obsessed with these vibrant critters.

16. Nudibranch tote bag

Nudibranch canvas tote bag by Underwaterpaint

This tote bag features a sketched artwork of various sea slug species. It is stylish yet functional. It is the perfect bag for everyday use or a day of adventure near the water. Get this nudibranch canvas tote for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, bridesmaid, mother, a grandmother who loves sea slugs. It’s a wonderful gift for women who scuba.

17. Sea slug earrings

Spanish Shawl Nudibranch (Flabellina iodinea) glow in the dark earrings by
The Sea Slug and Kraken

These are the only sea slugs you want hanging on your ears! The tiny colorful sea slug earrings is inspired by a the Spanish shawl nudibranch but their our other types of sea slug you’ll love to wear. Made of resin, the accessories also glow in the dark.

18. Nudibranch Cufflinks

Blue and silver nudibranch Cufflinks by Dive4Jewelry

These nudibranch cufflinks are the perfect accessory for your ocean-loving man. This sea slug-inspired gift can be worn for formal wear or business attire to give any man a polished look. Allow them to show their personality even when it’s time to be prim and proper. This nudi cufflink is a wonderful gift for men who scuba dives.

19. Nudibranch ID Books

Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification

Any nudi-nerd will love having one this Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification book. This book will help them identify any nudibranch they encounter in the Indo-Pacific region. Creature ID books are fantastic gifts for scuba divers, marine biologists, and nudibranch hunters.

20. Nudibranch creatures microfiber towel

Nudibranch creatures dry towel (microfiber) by Oceanarium Dive

This nudibranch towel  is perfect to use for the beach, a picnic, or poolside. Enjoy a day out under the sun lounging on this soft and absorbent towel blanket. You can even use it as a bed throw or bath towel at home. This towel is also a practical gift for beach lovers.

21. Nudibranch headwear scarf

Nudibranch headwear scarf by Oceanarium Dive

Nudibranch headwear scarf is a versatile accessories that can protect your face, head, neck while on a boat or beach trip. It is also are effective in protecting your hair while scuba diving. Nudibranch lovers will love wearing this sea slug gift in their outdoor adventures.

22. Nudibranch dive logbook

Costasiella kuroshimae Nudibranch logbook by Dive Proof

Any diver knows the importance of logging dives. If you’re looking for the best scuba diving log, check out this personalized dive log from Dive Proof. You don’t have to worry about damaging your dive records because of the waterproof, grease-proof, tear-proof pages. These customizable nudibranch dive logbook are wonderful gifts for scuba divers who love to record which sea slug they saw on their dives.

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best gifts for nudibranch lovers
best nudibranch gifts

What nudibranch gifts would you like for yourself? What nudibranch presents would you give or have given to the sea slug lover in your life? Leave a comment below!

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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