25 Best Octopus Gifts for Octopus Lovers

best octopus gifts

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If you know someone who loves octopuses but don’t know what to get them then this post is for you. From home decor to apparel, you will find octopus gifts you most likely haven’t seen before.

Growing up I used to be scared of octopuses because of how they were depicted in Little Mermaid. With Ursula the sea witch, appearing to look like an unfriendly and evil octopus, it did affect my perception of them.

While an octopus can be dangerous, as they do have 8 arms and some can be highly venomous, they are also highly intelligent creatures with outstanding camoflage abilities.  

As a scuba diver, I’ve grown to love and admire these fascinating creatures of the sea. Instead of being afraid of them, I now look forward to octopus encounters. They are no longer intimidating but more intriguing.

And to be honest, now that I have new-found admiration and respect for them, I wouldn’t mind receiving octopus themed gifts once in a while!

Continue reading for the best octopus presents for octopus lovers in your life.

1. Octopus metal wall decor

Handcrafted Octopus Sea Wall Decor Fair Trade from Haiti, Recycled Metal Art, Decorative Hanging Art, 24 In. X 24 In. (Ocean Reef)

Transform a boring room with this impressive metal octopus wall decor. It is handcrafted in Haiti from 55-gallon drums, making each octopus wall art piece truly one-of-a-kind. Place it in your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, or even office to show how much you love octopus.

2. Octopus decor key holder

ChasBete Key Hooks for Wall, Octopus Decor Key Holder

Never misplace your keys again with this octopus key holder. Not only is it decorative but it is also useful to hang keys, handbags, hats, clothes, jewelry, and more. Made of handcrafted cast iron, it is durable enough to hang 5kgs items. It fits perfectly in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, living rooms or garage.

3. Octopus lantern

Spi Home Octopus Lantern

This octopus lantern makes a great gift for octopus lover’s home. It features a metal octopus holding 3 lanterns. You can give it as a housewarming present or wedding gift.

4. Octopus blanket

Octopus Blanket Throw

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle under this soft and cuddly flannel octopus blanket? You can also use it as a throw for your couch or the foot of the bed to make your space comfier. This octopus themed gift is suitable for kids and adults.

5. Octopus plush toy

Reversible Octopus Plushie

Hug and snuggle an octopus all you want with this reversible octopus stuffed toy. It will look great in any bedroom or playroom. Its cute and cuddly form makes a perfect gift not just for kids but also for all ages who love octopus that inhabit our seas.

6. Drinking octopus wine bottle holder

Drinking Octopus Wine Bottle Holder Seaworthy Wine Nautical Gifts

This rustic octopus wine bottle holder is a charming addition to any tropical, beach, or octopus collection. Store your wine bottle in this decorative octopus holding your bottle. Wine is not included so make sure to have a bottle of wine delivered to your doorstep each month.

7. Octopus whiskey glass set

Greenline Goods Whiskey Glasses - 10 Oz Tumbler Gift Set – Kraken Whiskey Glasses

This octopus whiskey glass set is a unique gift for octopus lovers who love to drink! Each glass shows the fearsome tentacles of the legendary Kraken, the notorious giant sea dwelling, octopus-like, monster. Grab a set for a friend who enjoys “kraken” a bottle or two!

8. Octopus Round Wall Mirror

Octopus Round Wall Mirror

Transform a boring room with this beautiful round wall mirror with octopus accent. Place it in your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, or even office to show how much you love octopus.

9. Octopus bookends

Creative Co-Op Octopus Shaped Resin (Set of 2 Pieces) Bookends, Silver, 2

This octopus bookends is perfect for those who love to read! Keep all those ocean-inspired books in order with these octopus-shaped resin bookends. It’s a great accent for bedrooms, living rooms, libraries and even the office.

Know a diver who loves to read about the ocean? Here is my ultimate list of the best scuba diver books you can check out to include in your gift.

10. Octopus globe terrarium

Bring some life into your space with this beautiful octopus globe terrarium. It is ideal to hold small plants. The contemporary, simple and clean look of this octopus planter will fit perfectly on any desk, shelf, or window sill. Any plant mom or dad will love this adorable octopus gift.

11. Octopus origami lampshade

This octopus origami lampshade will look lovely in your ocean themed room. The lampshade fits around a standard light bulb and is comes with instructions for easy assembly. This eye-catching accessory will look great in a bedroom, study, or even a nursery.

12. Waterlust cephalopod ID tshirt

Cephalopds is a group of around 800 living marine species that octopuses belong to. This cephalopd identification t-shirt features 14 of them including species like the blue ringed octopus, North Atlantic octopus, common octopus and more. Made by Waterlust, a company that advocates for the ocean, the tshirt fabric is made from 100% ringspun organic cotton and the octopus ID design is screen printed using bio-based, renewable algae ink. Flattering and comfortable for both men and women, this makes a great present for octopus lovers.

13. Pacific octopus anatomy sweatshirt

Here is a Giant Pacific Octopus anatomy sweatshirt any octopus nerd would love to wear. Spark some conversation about your favorite marine creature by wearing this comfy top. This sweatshirt is perfect for on a casual night out or even while lounging at home.

14. Octopus beach swim shorts

visesunny Modern Men's Beach Shorts Swim Trunks Quick Dry Casual Polyester Swim Shorts

Wear these octopus swim trunks as you splash in the ocean or while lounging by the pool. These swimming trunks feature an elasticized waistband with drawstring closure and a fun octopus tentacle print. The lightweight and durable fabric make it perfect for various sports and activities.

15. Octopus cufflink

These octopus cufflinks are the perfect accessory for your ocean-loving man. This octopus inspired gift can be worn for formal wear or business attire to give any man a polished look. Allow them to show their personality even when it’s time to be prim and proper.

Dive4Jewelry also makes other marine animal cufflinks so make sure to check them out for other scuba-inspired gifts for men.

16. Eco-Friendly electric blue octofloral leggings

Eco-Friendly electric blue octofloral leggings by Spacefish Army
Receive a 10% discount, when you use the coupon code: DIVERBLISS at Spacefish Army.

This pair of octopus leggings is one of the best scuba leggings you can find. You can also use them for other activities like yoga, hiking, or lounging at home! You can get this unique octopus design from Spacefish Army and they sell them in standard and plus-sizes. Don’t forget the matching octopus rashguard, hairband, and dive socks to complete your look.

17. Sterling silver octopus pendant necklace

30-inch Sterling silver octopus pendant necklace from Silver Spoon Jewelry

This sterling silver octopus necklace will truly make any woman feel loved and treasured. Hand-crafted in Long Beach, California, this vintage octopus jewelry makes a superb gift for for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or other holidays. This is a fantastic gifts for women divers

18. Sea witch octopus tentacle earrings

These glow-in-the-dark purple and black Ursula-inspired earrings are cool accessories for octopus lovers. The fake-gauge tentacle earrings are made of resin and are easy to wear without having stretched earlobes. The ocean-inspired jewelry is made by The Slug and Kraken and offer octopus-inspired earrings in various colors and sizes!

19. Cephalopod print hardcover journal

This cephalopod hardcover journal comes in a calming shade of oceanic blue. It is perfect to writing down your thoughts, experiences and ideas whether on land or at sea. Any marine biologist, oceanographer, ocean explorer will love this octopus themed gift.

20. Octopus microfibre towel

Octopus Microfiber Beach Blanket

This octopus microfiber towel is perfect to use for the beach, a picnic, or poolside. Enjoy a day out under the sun lounging on this soft and absorbent towel blanket. You can also use it as a bed throw or bath towel at home. They are practical gifts for beach lovers.

21. Coconut octopus dive log book

Any diver knows the importance of logging dives. If you’re looking for the best scuba diving log, check out this personalized dive log from Dive Proof. You don’t have to worry about damaging your dive records because of the waterproof, grease-proof, tear-proof pages. These customizable octopus dive logs are wonderful gifts for scuba divers who love to search for octopus under the sea.

22. Blue ringed octopus scuba hair set

Rock the blue-ringed octopus look on every dive with this scuba hair accessory set. Keep your long hair away from your face using a mask strap cover, a dive buff, and a hair scrunchie inspired by the small but deadly blue ringed octopus. This hair set is one of the best ways to protect your hair while scuba diving.

23. Slipins octopus dive skin

Octopus design
Slipins Dive Skins Zippered Full Body Diving Skin

SlipIns DiveSkins makes it easier for you to slip in and out of the tight fitting wetsuits. This full-body octopus-design swim suits has 60+ UPF protection and can also be worn on its own to protect you from stinging ocean creatures. This swimwear is popular among scuba divers, freedivers, surfers, and ocean adventurers.

24. 4Ocean BLUE RINGED octopus 2-pound pack bracelet

4ocean is on a mission to stop plastic pollution that can kill dolphins. The 4ocean dumbo bracelets are made with a cord from recycled plastic, beads from recycled glass, and a stainless steel 4ocean tag. When you purchase a 2-pack recycled bracelet, 4ocean will remove 2 pounds of plastic waste that pollutes the octopus’ home. These saving the ocean bracelets makes wonderful gifts for environmentalists who love octopuses.

25. Adopt an Octopus

Did you know that you can adopt an octopus? While you can’t take them home, you can symbolically adopt an octopus through non-profit organizations like Oceana. The Octopus Adoption Gift Pack includes a personalized adoption certificate, an octopus cookie cutter and octopus plush toy, so you can bake cookies and cuddle with an octopus while at home. Your donation goes towards Oceana’s programs that help protect octopus and their habitats.

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Best octopus gifts
best gifts for octopus lovers

What octopus-themed gifts would you want to receive on your birthday or a special occasion? Do you have a recommendation for the best octopus gifts? Leave a comment below.

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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