40 Best Scuba Diving Gifts for Her (2023 Gift Guide)

Best scuba diving gifts for women

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Gift shopping can be a daunting task for many people. And sometimes it is even more challenging if its buying specifically for women. On this gift guide, I will share with you some of the best scuba diving gifts for her!

Do you need to buy a birthday gift, a graduation gift, a housewarming present, a thank you gift or maybe even a Christmas gift for a friend or a relative who loves to go scuba diving?

Are you missing someone and want to let her know you’re thinking of her? Do you need to buy a present for a loved one who absolutely loves the ocean? Or maybe you are looking for a gift that conveys: “I’m sorry I screwed up, let me make it up to you by giving you the best scuba diving gift to make it all better!”

Regardless of the situation or the occasion, if you are looking for scuba diving presents for your best friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter, mother, wife, or any woman who simply loves diving and the ocean, then look no further!

I’ve got you covered!

Here are the best scuba diving gifts that will fit the different styles and personalities of the scuba diving women you know!

List of Scuba Diving Gifts for Women
  1. Scuba Gifts for Her
  2. Personalized Scuba Diving Gifts for Her
  3. Travel Gifts for Women Divers
  4. Scuba Diver Jewelry
  5. Clothing and Accessories for Women Divers
  6. Ocean-Inspired Gifts for Her Home
  7. Gift Experiences for Her

Scuba Gifts for Her

Any scuba diver would always love to get scuba diving gear. So if her kit is not complete or needs upgrading, definitely consider getting her scuba gear if it’s within your budget. But if you are looking for other options, here are some gifts and brands you can check that cater specifically to women divers.

1. Whale Shark Dive Wear by Waterlust

Waterlust makes dive wear as a conversation piece to engage others in learning more about the ocean. They are one of the amazing companies that help save our ocean. Their unique designs are inspired by marine species, ecosystems, or natural phenomena. This scuba diving gift for her will make her look fabulous underwater. And since 10% of the profits go to marine research, you are also supporting conservation efforts for her favorite marine animal like the whale shark! This makes a great gift for whale shark lovers.

For more whale shark-inspired dive wear, check out my post on the best whale shark leggings for your active lifestyle.

2. Camouflage Octopus Women’s Rash Guard By Scuba Sisters

Scuba Sisters rash guards offers a comfortable and stretchy fit that flatters various body shapes. Whether you’re looking for regular or plus sizes, they have you covered. Scuba Sister is all about inclusivity and making every diver feel confident and fabulous!

Make sure to also check out my post on the Best Scuba Diving Rash Guards for Women of Different Styles, Shapes, and Sizes for more rash guard options.

3. Coral Kaleidoscope Leggings from Spacefish Army

Get a 10% discount on Spacefish Army by using the Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS

These Coral Kaleidoscope Leggings are perfect for the eco-friendly scuba diver. The fabric is a recycled polyester blend from repurposed single-use plastics that would have otherwise eded up in landfills and oceans. It provides a SPF50 sun protection so it’s perfect for outdoor activities like scuba diving, freediving, and more!

For more fun designs, check out this article on the best scuba leggings to help you look good underwater!

4. Fountain of Youth full body sun suit by Waterlust

The Fountain of Youth full-body sunsuit is perfect for your diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, kiting activities. They can be worn to give you UPF 50+ sun protection and protect you from stinging ocean creatures. You may also wear them to make it easier to slip in and out of your tight-fitting wetsuit.

5. Psychedelic Mermaid Dive Socks by Space Fish Army

Best Scuba Diver Gift for Her Pyschedelic Mermaid Dive Socks by Space Fish Army
Get a 10% discount on Spacefish Army by using the Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS

Every mermaid needs to protect her feet while wearing fins and these Psychedelic Mermaid dive socks should do the trick. Complete her mermaid look with the psychedelic mermaid leggings, rash guards, and headband too. If you’re looking for scuba diving presents for your favorite mermaid, then check out Space Fish Army.

6. Suunto D4I Diving Watch Novo White Silicone

The Suunto D4I Diving Watch is a popular choice among women scuba divers. It comes in various colors like black, white, pink, green, aqua blue, yellow. It’s a great accessory to match the rest of her perfectly color-coordinated scuba diving outfit!

7. Microfiber changing poncho

Whether you need to change before scuba diving or lounge with friends on the boat, you will love this Girls that Scuba microfiber changing robe. This gift for scuba divers serves as a changing rob. But it can also be used as a windbreaker on the boat, to keep you covered from the sun, or even use as a towel. This poncho is available in a whale shark or boxfish pattern!

8. Pink Girls That Scuba dSMB

Every Girl That Scuba should have their own dSMB (delayed surface marker buoy)! This bright pink dive sausage can alert others of her location as she makes her ascent after a great dive. It’s a great tool to keep her safe while in the water. Don’t forget to get her the matching pink spool.

9. Dive Certification Card Holder by Girls That Scuba

Store up to 24 scuba diving certification cards in this vegan leather dive cert cardholder! This is a good scuba diving gift for the diver who loves collecting scuba diving certifications!

10. Dive Certification Card Holder by Girls That Scuba

Is your hair always getting in your face while you’re diving? This cute whale shark dive hair set is an absolute must for any woman diving with long hair! It includes a neoprene mask strap, a dive buff, and a scrunchie all with a whale shark pattern for a coordinated look.

Feeling extra generous? Why not get her a scuba diving camera to document all of her dives! Check out my recommendations on the best scuba diving camera for beginners.

Personalized Scuba Diving Gifts for Her

If you’re looking for personalized scuba diving gifts for women, here are someone useful gifts you can give your friend or your loved ones. Seeing your name on a gift always makes it more special. Who wouldn’t want personalized diving gear?

11. Personalized Scuba Diving Log Book from Dive Proof

This personalized log book can be customized with your own photo cover and you can choose different layouts and logbook pages. Dive Proof makes one of the best log books for divers. Not only are they made just for you, but also because they are also 100% waterproof, greaseproof, and tear-proof!  Order one for your scuba buddy who loves keeping a record of her dives.

12. Personalized Waterproof 3M Sticker Labels for Scuba Diving Gear

Keep her expensive and precious diving gear secure with these personalized sticker labels for divers. These labels are made of 3M Brand Reflective Stickers so you can easily identify gear in and out of the water. They’re waterproof and scratchproof so you can be assured they will survive the wear and tear of diving.

13. Personalized Silicone Sport Medical Alert ID Bracelet

This silicone and waterproof bracelet may contain information that could help a scuba diver in an emergency. You can customize the medical alert ID bracelet to include your vital information like Name, Emergency Contact Details, Special Medical Conditions, Medication, Allergies, and many more. If you’re looking for personalized scuba diving gifts then this is something you can give to someone whose well-being is your concern. Great gift for those who also love traveling solo or going to remote dive locations.

14. Personalized Embroidered Scuba BCD Name Tag Badge by Northshore Laie Point

Easily identify your scuba diving gear with this Personalized Embroidered Scuba BCD Name Tag by Northshore Laie Point. This tag is 2″ tall and 11″ wide with a velcro enclosure is a great way to identify divers underwater, especially when diving in big groups. It also prevents your BCDs from getting mixed up.

Travel Gifts for Women Divers

Traveling is a huge part of a diver’s life. Here are some suggestions on unique travel gifts you can get her if she loves to dive and travel.

15. Stream2Sea 6-Pack Natural Travel Size Toiletries

Stream2Sea 6-Pack Natural Travel Size Toiletries is a great gift for the environmentally conscious scuba diver. The set is great to bring when she goes on short dive vacations as it includes 1oz. sample-size containers of Sulfate Free Shampoo, Leave in Conditioner, Moisturizing Body Lotion, After Sun Gel, and Reef-Safe Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30 & SPF 20. The natural body care products have been tested safe for the skin and our oceans. Bigger-sized bottles of Stream2Sea products are also available.

For more sunscreen recommendations, read my post on the best reef-safe sunscreen!

Get a 10% discount on Stream2Sea when you use my special code: DIVERBLISS

16. Scuba Dive Map by Awesome Maps

Dive maps are one of the best gifts for scuba divers. Not only are they beautiful but they’re useful in inspiring future dive trips and keeping track of past travels. This World Dive Map highlights over 500 dive spots and areas! Any dive addict would love this scuba gift.

Get 10% off when you use the Magic Code: ARA

Love the idea of giving her a dive map? Read my post on 10 Best Dive Maps she would want in her room or my review on Awesome Maps dive map.

17. WILD Foundation Zero Waste Gift Box

This sustainable travel gift is perfect for the scuba diver who wants to eliminate single-use plastics in her life. The items are lightweight and can easily be stashed while traveling. This Zero Waste Gift box includes 2 rePETe Solid Bags (2pk), Clear Silicone Stasher Sandwich Bag, EarthHero Bamboo Utensil Set, Stainless Steel Straw and straw brush, an Adult Bamboo Toothbrush and a donation to the WILD foundation.

Love the idea of giving eco-friendly gift? Check out my recommendations for the best zero waste subscription boxes.

18. Tinggly gift box of experiences for her

Do you want to give stories, not stuff? Then you should gift travel experiences that will leave her Tinggly and wanting for more! Spoil that lucky lady with a chance to go on a dive at the Silfra ravine in Iceland or a shark dive in Oahu, Hawaii. Any scuba diver or ocean lover would love this sustainable travel gift as this eco-conscious company also commits to removing 11lbs (5kg) of polluting plastics from the planet’s oceans, rivers, and lakes.

For more travel gifts for divers, check out my list of best travel subscription boxes. Perfect for divers who love to travel but currently cannot do so!

Scuba diving gifts for him
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Scuba Diver Jewelry

A lot of women divers love wearing jewelry that reminds them of the sea. Here are some ocean-inspired and scuba diver jewelry which your special someone would love to have.

19. Nudibranch pendant necklace by The Sea Slug and Kraken

These are the only nudies female scuba divers like! This lovely nudibranch necklace is a guaranteed hit for critter lovers and underwater macro photographers. Grab these custom creations as a gift for the nudibranch lovers in your life.

20. Shark tooth earrings from Blue Adaptation

These shark tooth earrings is a great reminder for any female diver stay connected to the sea. The earrings are cast molded from a fossilized shark tooth and are replicas only. It is made of enamel with a gold or rose gold plating. You can get this unique piece of jewelry from Blue Adaptation.

21. Track a wildlife bracelet

Get a 20% discount on Fahlo by using the Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS20

Another unique gift for female divers is Fahlo wildlife tracking bracelets. These bracelets come with a real animal to track and were made in partnership with non-profit organizations that work directly with these animals. You can choose to track ocean wildlife like a shark, sea turtle, penguin, or polar bear. Together with the bracelet, you will be given the animal’s name, photo, and tracking information so you can check online where the individual animal is in the world.

22. Ocean in Motion Manta Ray Necklace by Big Blue Dive

The Ocean in Motion Manta Ray design was inspired by Roland St. John’s own personal footage and amazing experiences with Manta Rays in Palau. The triple manta ray necklace is crafted in solid bronze. A brown cotton cord and colored ceramic accent beads from Greece complete the look. A perfect accessory for someone who loves these gentle and graceful creatures.

23. Sea Glass Stud Earrings by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry

These exquisite pieces of jewelry are made of sea glass collected on beautiful beaches in Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, and the West Coast. Sea glass starts out as glass that has been discarded into the ocean. Over time as it breaks and gets a good tumble, the edges become smooth. Once it reaches shore the glass can be collected. Imagine the journey each broken glass took to become such beautiful sea glass earrings– the perfect gift for any special lady.

24. Pura Vida Sea Turtle Bracelet Pack

Take the sea with you where you go with these this sea turtle Pura Vida bracelet set. It includes 5 stackable bracelets to create the perfect accessory for summer. By purchasing a Pura Vida Bracelet, you are supporting a company that raises awareness for charities and provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide. This accessory is a fantastic gift for sea turtle lovers!

If you love wearing or giving bracelets for a cause, check out this list of Saving the Ocean bracelets that women divers will surely love!

For more scuba diver gift ideas for women, read: The Most Beautiful Ocean Jewelry Divers Would Love To Wear

Clothing and Accessories for Women Divers

25. “Scuba Hair Don’t Care” Tank from Blue Adaptation

Looking for something to wear for your surface interval? Check out this “Scuba Hair Don’t Care” sleeveless muscle tank. This lightweight breathable is made from 70% Viscose Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton. The fast-drying and wrinkle-resistant fabrication is perfect for traveling.

26. Biodegradeable Phone Case by Pela

These beautifully designed and eco-friendly, mobile covers are the world’s first truly sustainable phone case. They are durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches and are also 100% compostable! It doesn’t matter if you’re Team Apple, Samsung, or Pixel, if you’re Team Plastic-free then this phone accessory from Pela is perfect for you.

27. Orca Whale Infinity Scarf by Dream Express

This unique fashion find whale make you a killer hit! This Orca Whale Scarf is an adorable accessory for everyday casual wear when she’s out of the water. It’s an infinity scarf and can be worn in different ways. This accessory is a great gift for whale lovers.

28. Lionfish Neoprene Tote Bag by Nudi Wear

This tote bag has the unique pattern of a lionfish. It is stylish yet functional. It’s the perfect bag for everyday use or a day of adventure near the water. If you love this tote bag, Nudi Wear carries designs inspired by a whale shark, tiger shark, and mandarin fish as well.

29. Whale shark sand shorts

These sporty, yet stylish, quick-dry active shorts are great for all kinds of activities. Whether you’re working out or lounging around, these shorts inspired by the whale shark’s unique pattern, will surely be your favorite pair to wear. Blue Adaptation’s sandy shorts are wonderful gifts for beach lovers.

For more recommendations on gifts for shark lovers, check out my post on the best shark gifts.

Ocean-Inspired Gifts for Her Home

If you can’t bring the woman to the ocean, then bring the ocean to her. Here are some gifts for her to enjoy when she is in her home away from her ocean home.

30. Shark and Scuba Diver Bookends by Evy Ann Designs

This shark and scuba diver bookends is perfect for those who love to read! Keep all those scuba diving books in order with these metal bookends. It’s a great accent for bedrooms, living rooms, libraries and even the office.

Know a diver who loves to read? Here is my ultimate list of the best scuba diver books.

31. Shark Bedroom Slippers

Shark bedroom slippers

Keep her foot warm when she’s not wearing her diving fins with these fluffy shark bedroom slippers. These slippers are perfect for shark-obsessed divers. The fin-tastic pair are the only sharks she’d ever want on her feet!

32. Hammerhead Shark Stemless Wine Glass by Dances with Monsters

This 15 oz stemless wine glass sand carved with a pair of hammerhead sharks is the best way to get hammered! Give it as a birthday gift, holiday gift, housewarming gift, or thank you gift. Pair this hammerhead shark stemless wine glass with a bottle of wine delivered to her doorstep each month and she will never whine about how bad of a gift-giver you are!

33. Dolphin night lamp

This dolphin LED night light can be personalized with your name, personal message, or favorite phrase. Powered by 3 AA batteries or from a USB cable, the LED lamp has 16 colors you can control via a remote. The multi-colored lamp can add character to any room. This unique dolphin gift is will brighten up her space.

34. Beachly Gift Box

This gift box is perfect for the special woman that needs some pampering. The Beachly subscription box is filled with goodies that remind you of the good life by the shore. Delivered quarterly to your doorstep, each box contains  6-8 handpicked beach-inspired items ideal for sun & sea lovers everywhere. This is an excellent gift for your mom, your girlfriend, your wife, or your daughter who dives and loves beach life.

Do you need more suggestions on what presents to give people who love the sands, sun and sea? Check out my posts on Best Beach Subscription Boxes and Best Gifts for Beach Lovers.

35. Commissioned Ocean Art Work with Deep Impressions

Fish Nautilus Abstract – Original Painting by Deep Impression
Fish Nautilus Abstract – Original Painting

Another unique scuba diving gift for her is having a custom artwork created to remind her of her favorite place on earth. Mother and Daughter artists, and women divers, Kay and Kim can create beautiful paintings of ocean life that you can proudly display in the home. They have existing art pieces on sale but you can have something custom-made that will surely leave a lasting deep impression.

Gift Experiences for Her

The best scuba diving gifts for her are the ones that involve experience. Nothing can replace the simple joy of being in the ocean or doing something for the ocean. Here are some scuba gift experiences for her to enjoy.

36. Be A Wave Maker by Vera Kruithof

Be A Wave Maker is an inspirational book that features 24 stories of bold ocean lovers and their positive initiatives to protect our oceans. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations, photographs, and graphics to help bring the experiences alive. This gift is perfect to inspire someone to be a wave-maker themselves. The book gives great examples of how small steps can create ripples of change and challenges its reader to do the same.

37. Get a Girls That Scuba Membership

If she loves scuba diving so much, get her a Lifetime Membership at Girls That Scuba. As a GTS member, you get plenty of perks like discounts on different scuba brands, dive shops and even liveaboards partners.

38. Surprise Her with a Liveaboard Trip

Splurging for her dream vacation is one of the best scuba diving gifts any woman would want to receive. Has she dreamt of diving in an exotic tropic country like the Philippines? Or may tick off the Great Barrier Reef in her Bucketlist? Going on a liveaboard trip where you can dive in the best places in the world would be a dream come true for many.

If she love’s going on liveaboards, you can also check out this awesome cruise gift guide for a proper send-off.

39. Pay for Her Dive Certification

Getting Certified as a Rescue Scuba Diver

Has she expressed wanting to take up scuba diving? Or maybe she’s been eyeing taking up her Rescue Diving Course or has she been dying to take specialty dive courses that help marine life and protect our ocean? Then, why not pay for her next course or even join her in one and enjoy leveling up your scuba diving skill together. Purchasing e-courses is one of the best scuba diver gifts for her. Or check out your favorite dive shop for great deals!

40. Adopt and Track an Ocean Animal

Did you know that you can virtually adopt a wildlife animal and then be able to track them? If you love animals and want to support an organization that helps them, you can give a symbolical adoption gift. Wildlife adoptions are wonderful gifts for eco friendly divers who love supporting ocean research and conservation efforts.

Need more scuba gift ideas? Check out my ultimate list of best gifts for scuba divers with 101 suggestions!

Editor’s Notes: Many items on this list support small businesses and may require some lead time to make. Shipping time will also differ depending on your location. Please read reviews, product details, and seller information before placing your final order.

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What’s on your diving gift wish list? Were these scuba diving gift ideas helpful for you? Do you have other recommendations for the best scuba diving gift for her? Leave a comment below!

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