31 Best Shark Gifts That Are Totally Jaw-some!

best shark gifts

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Do you love sharks or know anyone who is obsessed with them?  If you’re looking for cool shark gifts, then continue reading for the best gift ideas for shark lovers.

Throughout history, across different cultures and traditions, the shark has been a symbol of strength and power. As creatures that have been roaming this planet for millions of years, they carry themselves with authority, mystery, and superiority.

But while they are apex predators and they are also among the most vulnerable creatures in the ocean. Often depicted as ferocious, man-eating creatures, they have become one of the most misunderstood species in the sea.

From the gentle giant whale sharks to the fierce great whites, there are actually more things to love about these magnificent creatures than to be scared of them. Once you get to know them, you won’t be surprised why many people around the world love sharks despite their notorious reputation.

Watch this video to learn more about sharks!

10 Interesting Facts about Sharks x
10 Interesting Facts about Sharks

If you or someone you know is a selachimorphaphile or an avid shark enthusiast, here are some of the best shark gifts you can get.

Shark Gift Ideas for the Home

Decorate your home with shark paraphernalia. If you’re looking for shark gift ideas for the home, here are some shark gift ideas you can get as housewarming presents, wedding or engagement gifts.

1. Shark attack sushi platter 

What On Earth Shark Attack Sushi Platter - Hand-Painted Ceramic Food Serving Tray with Soy Sauce Holder and Chopstick Rest

Make meals more interesting with this Shark Attack platter. Place your favorite food or snack, like sushi or chips on the platter and your dipping sauce in the shark’s mouth for a fun eating experience. This shark-themed gift is perfect for entertaining guests or yourself while eating.

2. Shark duvet covers

BuLuTu Navy Blue/Grey Shark Queen Kids Duvet Cover White Cotton,Reversible Premium Sharks Full Girls Boys Bedding Sets with Zipper Closure and Ties

Make sleep time more fun with these shark duvet covers and pillowcases set. The lovely prints make the perfect accent to the room of any shark-loving child, teen, or adult.

3. Metal shark art

Metal Shark Art by PlaneformUSA

This stunning piece of laser-cut metal shark art is perfect to display on a blank wall. It is powder-coated to appear like it is swimming in the ocean. The shark wall art is available in various lengths so you can choose what lifesized shark you’d like to see in your room every day!

4. Shark bookends

Metal Shark Bookends by KnobCreekMetalArts

Know a shark lover who loves to read? Get them these shark bookends for their book collection! It’s a great accent for bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, and even the office.

While you’re at it get them a shark-related book from this list of best ocean and diving books.

5. Shark warning sign

Funny Shark Warning Sign by FunnyHAHAUSA

Post this funny shark warning sign in your room, yard, driveway, garage, mancave, pool, pond, office, or anywhere you fancy. Made with heavy gauge aluminum they are built to last and can be used indoors and outdoors. Shark warning signs are perfect presents for family members, friends, or even co-workers who are into sharks.

6. Shark wine glass

Shark Wine Glass

Enjoy watching Shark Week while sipping wine from this shark wine glass. Any shark lover would enjoy binge-watching their favorite shark show with a glass of “shark-donnay”. Pair this shark wine glass with a bottle of wine delivered to your doorstep each month

Clothing and accessories gifts for shark lovers

Show how much you love sharks through your clothing and accessories. Here are some shark-themed gifts you will love to wear.

7. Types of sharks t-shirt

Did you know that there are more than 400 species of sharks all over the world? This light blue/ grey shark identification t-shirt features 12 of them. It is made from 100% ringspun organic cotton. The shark ID design is screen printed using bio-based, renewable algae ink. Flattering and comfortable for both men and women, this makes a great present for shark lovers.

8. Great white shark anatomy sweatshirt

Great White Shark Anatomy Sweatshirt by LifeShines

Shark nerds rejoice! Here is a great white shark anatomy sweatshirt you would love to wear. Spark some conversation by wearing this comfy top featuring a shark’s anatomy. Perfect for on a casual night out or even while lounging at home.

9. Shark slippers

Generix geek Chomping Shark Plush Slippers, Grown Ups

Keep your foot warm with these fluffy shark bedroom slippers. These fin-tastic pairs of footwear are the only sharks you’d ever want on your feet! These soft sole house slippers are perfect gifts for the shark-obsessed.

10. Shark socks

Men Funny Shark Alien Bigfoot Socks Novelty Food Christmas Kitchen Space Gift in 4 Pack

These shark-themed socks make perfect gifts for men who want to bring humor and style to their wardrobe. These comfortable and breathable socks can be worn every day or for special occasions. Grab a set to give to your son, grandson, husband, boyfriend, groomsmen, father, or grandpa who loves sharks.

11. Whale shark sand pants

Whale Shark Sand Pants by Slipins

These jogger-style cuffed pants with a whale shark pattern are comfortable to wear out for coffee lunch or dinner. The soft fabric whale shark sand pants won’t wrinkle making them perfect to take stuff in your suitcase or beach bag during your travels. Slipins sand pants make perfect gifts for beach lovers.

12. Shark attack movie design custom converse

Shark Attack Movie design custom hi-top Converse by Shoe2kill

Are you a fan of the movie Jaws? Check out these custom shark attack shoes with a print inspired by the popular movie! The design is printed on original hi-top trainers by Converse.

13. Tiger shark neoprene tote bag

Tiger Shark Neoprene Tote Bag by Nudi Wear

This tote bag has the unique pattern of a tiger shark. It is stylish yet functional. It is the perfect bag for everyday use or a day of adventure near the water. Get this tiger shark neoprene tote bag for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, bridesmaid, mother, grandmother who loves sharks. It’s a wonderful gift for women who scuba.

Great White Shark Cufflinks by dedalo

These deserve to be included on this list of shark gifts for men, don’t you think? These great white shark cufflinks are the perfect accessory for your ocean-loving man. These make great gifts for men that scuba.

Shark Presents for Divers

Scuba divers and freedivers do love sharks! If you are looking for gifts for divers that have a shark theme or element to it, here are some gift ideas.

15. Shark Dive Log Book

Shark Dive Log Book by DiveProof

Keep a record of all the sharks you’ve spotted in your dives with this customized Shark Dive Log Book from Dive Proof. Any shark-loving diver will love jotting down notes of their shark sightings in these waterproof, grease-proof, tear-proof pages.

16. Tiger shark sun suit

Tiger shark sun suit by waterlust

This Tiger shark sunsuit was designed by Waterlust, one of the amazing companies that help save our ocean. They make swim wear as a conversation piece to engage others in learning more about the ocean. When you purchase a tiger shark sun suit, 10% of profits goes to Shark Research and Conservation (SRC) Program at the University of Miami

17. Tiger Shark Board Shorts

Made by Waterlust, this tiger shark board shorts help to fund important research focused on the ecology, movement, and conservation of tiger sharks as well as other local shark species. The tiger shark design will not only make you look badass while diving or at the beach, but they are a great conversation piece to teach about sharks.

18. Whale Shark Dive Skins

Whale Shark Dive Skins by Slipins

Show your love for the sharks with these whale shark dive skins for men or women. The fast-drying, full-body lycra suit features the unique blue, grey, black and white patterns of the biggest sharks in the sea- the whale shark (Rhincodon typus). The dive skins can be worn as-is for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, free diving, boating, and other fun water activities. They’re effective in protecting your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun as well as from the stinging creatures in the sea. You’ll also look great when you wear these as you swim with whale sharks in the wild.

For a 10% Discount with Slipins, use Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS

Do you like whale sharks? Check out this post about the Best Whale Shark Gifts.

19. Shark Camo Rashguard 

Shark Camo Rashguard by Spacefish Army

Dare to stand out with this Shark Rashguard. This is an awesome gift for men who scuba dive. It is made with soft four-way stretch fabric for maximum mobility which makes it great for water sports like scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling, surfing, and more. It also has SPF50 coverage so your merman will get the protection he needs from the harmful rays of the sun.

For a 10% Discount with Spacefish Army, use Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS

20. Tiger shark leggings

Tiger shark leggings by slipins

These tiger shark leggings are great for all kinds of lifestyles from diving, yoga, hiking, or surfing.. the web while at home! These scuba leggings will make you look awesome while scuba diving or freediving with sharks! They make great gifts for women divers.

For a 10% Discount with Slipins, use Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS

For more gift ideas for scuba divers, check out this article on 101 Best Gifts for Scuba Diver.

Shark Gifts for Kids

Introduce kids to sharks at a young age. Here are some shark gifts for kids to enjoy.

21. Shark Blanket

Shark Animal Tail Blanket - Plush Animal Sleeping Bag Blanket for Kids (Gray Shark)

Get any child to look forward to bedtime with this adorable shark blanket. It has fierce eyes, sharp teeth, and the classic shark fin to make it look like it is devouring anyone inside! Surprise your little shark enthusiast with this fun blanket!

22. Shark Stuffed Toy

MorisMos Giant Shark Stuffed Animal,Gray Shark Plush Pillow,Plush Toy,Gift for Kids Girlfriend,51 Inches

Get them to love instead of fear sharks with this cuddly stuffed animal. Any child would enjoy imaginative play with this 51″ large Great White Shark plush toy.

23. Shark Spa Kit

STEAM RISING | Shark Spa Kit: Shark Bath Bomb w/Bath Crackles Inside, Vinyl Shark Toy, 2 Jars Bath Crackles, Tattoos, Real Fossil Shark Teeth | Boys Shark Birthday Gift | Safe Natural & Organic

Experience swimming with sharks right at home with this fun bath bomb kit for kids. The set includes 4 fizzy bath bombs, shark toy, 2 jars of bath crackles, shark tattoos, and real fossil shark teeth. The shark spa is packaged in a beautiful box that can be used as a treasure chest

24. Sharkopoly

Sharkopoly Game Board

Sharkopoly is a game for anyone with a ferocious appetite for fun! This Monopoly-inspired game can be enjoyed by 2-6 players. Spend the afternoon playing this game with your shark-loving family and friends.

25. Save the Sharks Book

Save the Sharks (Save the Earth) by Bethany Stahl

Save the Sharks book tells the story of a shark, named Frank, whose shark friends start disappearing! This book is a good way to educate children about environmental changes, overfishing, and pollution that contribute to the demise of sharks. Inspire kids to protect the sharks through the beautifully illustrated pages of this book.

Unique Shark Gifts

Here are some one-of-a-kind shark gifts.

26. Rare Shark tooth Necklace

Rare Shark tooth Necklace by SHRKco

This rare Snaggletooth shark tooth necklace is a beautiful reminder of a species that needs our protection. These fossil shark teeth are 5+ million years old and were personally and ethically found while scuba diving in rivers and beaches in Florida. 10% donated to end shark finning through Jim Abernethy’s non-profit on WildlifeVoice.com

For more ideas on what jewelry to get shark lovers, check out this article on the most beautiful ocean jewelry.

27. Authentic Megalodon Tooth

27. Authentic Megalodon Tooth from Fossil Exchange

The megalodon is the largest shark on record, reaching impressive lengths of up to 60 feet. This Megalodon shark tooth is a 100% real, unaltered fossil. It was recovered by SCUBA divers in over 110 feet of water, 45 miles off the coast of North Carolina. If you purchase from Fossil Exchange shark tooth collection, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with it.

28. Wooden Hammerhead Shark Sculpture

Wooden Hammerhead Shark Sculpture by Parasite House

This wooden hammerhead shark sculpture is made from a plant called Chinaberry. They are handmade by skilled Balinese artisans so each one is unique.

Shark Conservation Gift Ideas

Here are some shark presents that will also help save the sharks in our ocean. If you want to give meaningful gifts geared towards shark conservation, these environmentalist gifts are perfect for the shark lover that you know.

29. Great White Shark 2-Pound Pack

Great White Shark 2-Pound Pack by 4Ocean

4Ocean is on a mission to stop plastic pollution that can kill sharks. The 4Ocean Great White Shark Bracelets are made with a cord from recycled plastic, beads from recycled glass, and a stainless steel 4Ocean tag. When you purchase a 2-pack recycled bracelet, 4Ocean will remove 2 pounds of waste from the sea. If you are looking for a gift that helps in shark conservation efforts, get your 4Ocean bracelet today.

Shop on 4Ocean and receive a 10% discount, when you use coupon code: DIVERBLISS.

If you love wearing or giving bracelets for a cause, check out this list of bracelets that support ocean conservation.

30. Adopt A Shark

Shark tagging photo by Saving the Blue. Adopt this silky shark here.

The Adopt-A-Shark Program of Saving the Blue allows you to virtually adopt a shark of your choice. Choose among the different tagged shark species that Saving the Blue monitors. The shark adoption donation will go directly towards supporting research and conservation. Give this shark-themed gift to those who would love to protect our oceans.

For more options, you can also check out this list of adopt-a-shark programs.

Saving the Blue also has a collaboration with Fahlo where you can buy a bracelet with a real shark to track. If you are looking for a Shark Tracking Bracelet, check out The Voyage Bracelet.

(Use the code: DIVERBLISS20 to get a discount on your order.)

31. Join a Project Hiu Trip

Project Hiu

By joining a Project Hiu trip you are directly preventing a shark fishing boat in Indonesia from being used to hunt sharks. Fishermen and their vessels are used for tourism instead. Your participation provides an alternate income for locals who used to engage in the fin trade.

best shark gifts
best gifts for shark lovers

What shark-themed gifts would you want to receive on your birthday or a special occasion? Do you have a recommendation for the best shark gifts? Leave a comment below.

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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