27 Best Whale Shark Gifts You’ll Want For Yourself

best whale shark gifts

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Do you love whale sharks or know anyone who is obsessed with them?  If you’re looking for the best whale shark gifts then this post is for you.

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus)…. are they whales or are they sharks?!

Well as it turns out whale sharks are classified as sharks and are known to be the largest fish in the sea.

These beautiful and majestic creatures can reach lengths of 12 meters or more. While some might feel scared with their gigantic presence, they are actually beloved by many because of their gentle and charismatic nature.

Another reason why so many people love this creature is because of its characteristic spots and stripes. The intricate pattern that adorns its body is unique to each whale shark. This signature whale shark pattern serves as a way of identifying one from the other.

If you’re in search of presents featuring whale sharks or their unique markings then continue reading for the best gift ideas for whale shark lovers.

Here are 25 whale shark gifts that you will want to keep for yourself!

1. Whale shark plush

Douglas Decker Whale Shark Plush Stuffed Animal

Cuddle up in bed with realistic whale shark stuffed toy. The whale shark plush toy is the perfect gift for a child or a child at heart who loves the majestic underwater creatures.

2. Whale shark towel

This whale shark towel features the distinctive pattern of spots and stripes you’ll find on the biggest fish in the sea. The microfiber towel is sand-resistance, ultra-absorbent, compact, and lightweight. It is 31″x71″ in size so it’s big enough wrap yourself in after a swim in the ocean. Made from 100% recycled materials, it dries 3 times faster than a traditional cotton towel. They’re perfect to take in your whale shark swimming adventures

3. Couple diving with whale shark night lights

This whale shark night light is a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. Handmade using wood and resin it features 2 divers with a whale shark. Turn on the lights at night to see the full effect. The stunning piece makes a great gift for whale shark lovers.

4. Whale shark cap

Stand out on your next outing with this whale shark cap. Made from recycled polyester, the hat is also chlorine, sun, saltwater, and sunscreen resistant. This accessory makes a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, and more. Get this ocean-themed cap for the whale shark addict in your life.

5. Whale shark water bottle

Say no to plastic that could harm sea creatures like the whale shark by using a reusable water bottle. This double-walled, vacuum-insulated whale shark water bottle will keep you hydrated as you search for whale sharks in the wild. The 750 ml refillable bottle features the unique whale shark pattern that any ocean lover will recognize.

6. Walter the Whale Shark

Walter the Whale Shark: and His Teeny Tiny Teeth

Teach kids about whale sharks and what makes them unique with this beautifully illustrated picture book. Walter the Whale Shark: and His Teeny Tiny Teeth is a fantastic gift for kids as it also promotes self-love and acceptance.

7. Large whale shark vinyl sticker

Make any wall more interesting with this beautiful whale shark vinyl sticker. You can transform a boring room to look more awesome by decorating it with your favorite ocean creature. It is available in various colors to match any interior.

8. Whale shark small resin bowl

This wooden trinket bowl features a giant and gentle whale shark swimming peacefully in the ocean. It is made with 4″x1.5″ acacia wood bowl and food-safe resin. The whale shark bowl can be used to store small valuables, keys, change, or jewelry.

9. Whale shark necklace

Whale Shark Necklaces for Men and Women

This beautiful realistic whale shark necklace will look great on any man or woman who loves sharks. Designed by artist Roland St. John, this piece of jewelry is hand-crafted with quality sterling silver. This ageless accessory is a great gift idea for your whale shark-loving friends.

For more ideas on what jewelry to get whale shark lovers, check out this article on the most beautiful ocean jewelry.

10. Whale shark tshirt

Whale Shark T-Shirt | Scuba Diving Snorkeling Tee Shirt

Show your love for whale sharks by wearing this t-shirt. Made with super soft and comfy fabric, the whale shark t-shirt will look great on any shark lover!

11. Whale shark buff

This whale shark buff is a cool and stylish way to protect yourself from elements like the wind and sun. It can be used as a face covering, bandana, wristband, or neck warmer. It is very versatile, especially for anyone who loves to be outdoors.

12. Whale shark socks

Unisex Whale shark Socks

This whale shark-themed socks make perfect gifts for anyone who want to bring some fun and style to their wardrobe. These comfortable and breathable socks can be worn every day or for special occasions.

13. Whale Shark Tote Bag

This tote bag features the unique whale shark pattern of the biggest shark in the sea. It is stylish yet functional. It is the perfect bag for everyday use or a day of adventure near the water. Get this whale shark tote bag for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, bridesmaid, mother, grandmother who loves sharks. It’s a wonderful gift for women who scuba.

14. 4Ocean whale shark bracelet

4Ocean is on a mission to stop plastic pollution that can kill whale sharks. The whale shark bracelets are made with a cord from recycled plastic, beads from recycled glass, and a stainless steel 4Ocean tag. When you purchase a 2-pack whale shark bracelet, 4Ocean will remove 2 pounds of waste from the sea. If you are looking for gifts for whale shark lovers that help in conservation efforts, then you should get your 4Ocean bracelets today.

If you love wearing or giving bracelets for a good cause, check out this list of bracelets that support ocean conservation.

15. Whale shark ornament

Pinnacle Peak Trading Company Whale Shark Ocean Life Polish Mouth Blown Glass Christmas Ornament Decoration

This beautiful whale shark ornament will look lovely in an ocean lover’s home. This ornament is a wonderful memorabilia especially if you’ve gone diving with whale sharks in th wild. Any diver will love hanging this not just during Christmas season but the whole year round!

For more ocean-inspired ornaments, check out my post on 18 Most Wonderful Scuba Diver Ornaments.

16. Whale shark dive log book

These customizable whale shark dive log book are wonderful gifts for scuba divers who love to dive with whale sharks all over the world. Any diver knows the importance of logging dives. If you’re looking for the best scuba diving log, order this personalized whale shark dive log from Dive Proof today. You don’t have to worry about damaging your dive records because of the waterproof, grease-proof, tear-proof pages.

For more ideas on what to get divers, check out my list of best scuba diving gifts.

17. Whale shark sunsuit

Waterlust Whale shark sunsuit

This whale shark sunsuit was designed by Waterlust, one of the amazing companies that help save our ocean. They make swimwear as a conversation piece to engage others in learning more about the ocean. When you purchase a whale shark sunsuit, 10% of profits go to Marine Megafauna Foundation.  

18. Whale shark board shorts

Made by Waterlust, this whale shark board shorts help to fund important research focused on the ecology, movement, and conservation of whale sharks as well as other local shark species. The whale shark design will not only make you look badass while diving or at the beach, but they are a great conversation piece to teach about sharks. If you’re looking for scuba diving gifts for men, these board shorts are an absolute favorite.

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19. Whale shark warrior reversible top

This 100% chlorine, sun, saltwater and sunscreen resistant whale shark reversible top gives you support while diving, swimming, surfing, and more. It is made with a quick-dry moisture-wicking and breathable fabric so you can wear it all day long as you search for whale sharks in the vast oceans. Complete your ensemble by pair it with a pair of whale shark leggings or whale shark shorts.

20. Whale shark tank cover

Protect your scuba tanks from scratches and damage by using this neoprene whale shark scuba cylinder cover. The unique whale shark pattern will also let your gear and you stand out from everyone else especially underwater!

21. Whale shark leggings

Spacefish Army Whale shark leggings
For a 10% Discount with Spacefish Army use Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS

These whale shark wonderland leggings are great for all kinds of lifestyles from diving, yoga, hiking, or surfing.. the web while at home! They will make you look awesome while scuba diving or freediving with whale sharks! You can also get whale shark plus size leggings and whale shark leggings for kids.

For more whale shark print leggings, check out my post on the best whale shark leggings for your active lifestyle.

22. Whale shark rashguards

Spacefish Army Whale shark rashguards
For a 10% Discount with Spacefish Army use Coupon Code: DIVERBLISS

Stand out in this whale shark rash guards. It is made with soft four-way stretch fabric for maximum mobility which makes it great for water sports like scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling, surfing, and more. It also has SPF50 coverage so you also get protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Make sure to also check out my post on the Best Scuba Diving Rash Guards for Women of Different Styles, Shapes, and Sizes for more rash guard options.

23. Whale shark dive skins

Show your love for the ocean with these Waterlust whale shark full-body dive skin.  The fast-drying, full-body lycra suit features unique black, white and blue whale shark pattern. It can be worn as-is for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, free diving, boating, and other fun water activities to protect your skin from stinging creatures in the sea as well as the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 

24. Whale Shark Dive Hair Set

Rock the whale shark look on every dive with this scuba hair accessory set. Keep your long hair away from your face using a whale shark mask strap cover, a whale shark buff, and a whale shark hair scrunchie. This combo is one of the best ways to protect your hair while scuba diving. This is the perfect gift for the whale shark-loving girl who loves to scuba. 

25. Whale Shark Poncho

One of the most useful gifts for whale shark lovers is this poncho. It has a large head opening, armholes and long length to make changing in and out of your swim or wetsuit easy and more private. The fast-drying microfibre suede can also be used as a windbreaker on the boat or to keep you covered from the sun. The whale shark poncho is perfect to give to surfers, swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers.

26. Whale shark sand shorts

These sporty, yet stylish, quick-dry active shorts are great for all kinds of activities. Whether you’re working out or lounging around, these shorts inspired by the whale shark’s unique pattern, will surely be your favorite pair to wear. Blue Adaptation’s sandy shorts are wonderful gifts for beach lovers.

27. Adopt a Whale Shark Gift

Marine Megafauna Foundation Adopt a Whale Shark

Through targeted fishing efforts as well as unintended bycatch from other fisheries, approximately 100 million sharks are killed every year by humans. The whale shark is one species of shark that is particularly vulnerable. If you want to support research and protect these endangered species, you can virtually adopt a whale shark online through Marine Megafauna Foundation. When you adopt a whale shark, you will receive a personalized adoption certificate and subscription to MMF’s Ocean Giants Magazine. Adopting wildlife like a whale shark is one of the most unique gifts for eco-friendly people.

If you want to help save sharks in general, check out this list of adopt a shark programs.

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