18 Most Wonderful Scuba Diver Ornaments for Christmas

scuba diver ornaments for Christmast

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Christmas is a big deal for me and my family. In the Philippines, it is a big holiday that spans not just for one day but extends for 3 months! As early as September, shopping malls start selling decorations and playing Christmas songs. Year after year, we spend on decorations, gifts, and food for our family and friends.

Lately, though, I haven’t been feeling the holiday cheer.

So I asked myself, what gets me excited all the time?

Well, scuba diving, of course!

Inspiration struck and I decided to put together a list of the most fun and unique scuba diver ornaments for Christmas!

I have checked this list twice and trust me they are all nice!

From personalized scuba diving ornaments to handmade ocean-inspired keepsakes, these scuba-inspired decorations will lift your spirits and make your Christmas merry and bright.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for scuba divers in your life or you simply want to decorate your home with all things scuba, then keep on reading for 18 of the most delightful ornaments for scuba divers.

1. Personalized scuba diver ornaments

Personalized scuba diver ornaments by OrnamentsByAnnette

This customizable diver ornament is a great gift for men or women who scuba. You can choose between a pink or blue scuba diver figurine and personalize it with their name and year. This is a great scuba diving gift for your dive buddy.

2. Personalized wood scuba diver ornament

Personalized wood scuba diver ornament  by BTCCUSTOMDESIGNS

Laser-cut from Russian Baltic Birch, this personalized wooden scuba diver ornament will look amazing on any Christmas tree. It arrives in its natural finish so you can even personalize it even further by painting it or decorating it to your liking. This can be a great scuba diving gift for men and can be displayed all year round in their office, car, or man-cave.

3. Personalized scuba diver Christmas ornament

Personalized scuba diver Christmas tree ornament by Santaornament

Surprise your favorite scuba diver with this personalized scuba diver Christmas tree ornament. This high-quality, lightweight polyresin. Christmas decor can be a beautiful reminder of the year they got scuba certified. It is a beautiful keepsake they will treasure for many years to come.

4. Engraved wood scuba-theme ornament

Engraved wood scuba-theme ornament by PalmettoEngraving

This engraved wooden scuba-themed ornament is the perfect addition to any diver’s Christmas tree. You can personalize the ornament with up to 25 characters so you can place names, dates, favorite dive locations, scuba diving milestones, and more.

5. Personalized wooden scuba diving Christmas ornament

TenmilePeakShop Personalized wooden scuba diving Christmas ornament

This wooden diver-themed Christmas ornament is the perfect gift for your ocean lover! No two is exactly alike as the wood is hand-cut from a Colorado Aspen or Birch log. It can also be personalized with a laser engraver. Get one for yourself or all the scuba divers in your family then include the current year or year each one was certified as a reminder of your scuba journey.

6. Dive Flag Ornaments

Dive Flag Ornaments by TurtleLadyArt

Decorate your Christmas tree with these dive flag ornaments. Choose from a Lobster, Hog Fish, Lion Fish, Turtle, Grouper, Manatee Dive Flag design, or get the entire set for a discounted price! These scuba ornaments will also look great in a scuba shop or a diver’s gear room.

7. Scuba diver ornament

Scuba diver ornament Art By Sharell

This coral reef and scuba diver ornament can be hung not just during Christmas but the whole year round! Bursting with color and glitter, the handmade resin decor has amazing depth and patterns that will remind you of the magical underwater world.

8. Handblown glass male or female scuba diver ornaments

Handblown glass male or female scuba diver ornaments Glass Designs By J

Hand sculpted from borosilicate glass, this scuba diver glass ornament can be hung anywhere all year round! Display it on a rearview mirror, in a window, as a fan pull, on your Christmas tree. The fins, belt, and tank can be customized with your favorite color. Its form can also be made more feminine making it an awesome scuba diving gift for women!

9. Customizable metal scuba diving ornament for christmas

Customizable metal scuba diving ornament for christmas Iron Maid Art

Made from aluminum, this metal scuba diver ornament is a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree decoration collection. Add a personal touch by customizing it with your name, dates, or your favorite dive site.

10. Cephalopod ornaments

Cephalopod ornaments by The Slug And Kraken

Do you know a scuba diver who loves cephalopods? The Cephalopod Ornament Collection features all things tentacled and from the deep! Choose from 6 designs: a giant Pacific octopus, a rainbow baby common octopus, a vampire squid, a nautilus, an octopus Adorabilis, and a deep galactic rainbow Kraken. Decorate your tree with all things weird and wonderful this Christmas.

11. Nudibranch ornaments

Nudibranch ornaments by The Slug And Kraken

Featuring a selection of nudibranchs from around the world, this 9 sea slug ornament set can be bought individually or as a complete set. Scuba divers obsessed with colorful nudis would absolutely love hanging these ornaments! The collection includes the Sea Bunny (Jorunna parva), The sea Sheep (Costasiella kuroshimae), The Blue Sea Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus), The Splendid Chromodoris (splendid Chromodoris), The Leopard Dorid (Diaulula sandiegensis), Emma’s Hypselodoris (Hypselodoris emma), The Spotted Sea Hare (Aplysia dactylomela),Hypselodoris emma, Godiva quadricolor. They’re so cute, they make the perfect gifts for nudibranch lovers

12. Personalized sea creature Christmas ornaments

Personalized sea creature Christmas ornaments by Anna Deskins Art

Are you dreaming of an under the sea Christmas? These ocean-inspired ornaments showcase colorful sea creature paintings that can be personalized. Choose from a blue whale shark, purple narwhal, blue sea turtle, orange octopus that are hand-painted on a 3″ wood. Get one made for your family and friends who love the ocean.

13. Sea creature ornament set

Sea creature ornament set by Gretchen EpoxSeas

Get rid of your ocean blues and decorate your christmas tree with these gorgeous sea creature ornaments. Made from wood and epoxy, these ornaments will remind any scuba diver of the ocean that they love the most. These beach-inspired decor are also wonderful gifts for beach lovers.

14. Christmas decoupage oyster ornaments

Christmas decoupage oyster ornaments by Bead Studio and Design

Are you panicking on how to decorate your tree this Christmas? Clam down! These beautiful decoupage oyster ornaments will make your home more festive these holiday season. They also make great gift for those who love clam shells or diving for oysters!

15. Robert Stanley whale shark ornament 

Robert Stanley Whale Shark Blown Glass Sequin Christmas Ornament, Nautical Coastal Decor, Marine Science Gifts

Have a bright and sparkly holiday with this Robert Stanley whale shark ornament. Covered in rhinestones, pearls, and glitter, this “whale” surely stand out in your tree! This beautiful decor is also a wonderful gift for whale shark lovers.

16. Whale Christmas tree decoration

Whale Christmas tree decoration by Kvitka Margarita

You “whale” never find a christmas tree ornament like this one! Handmade painted by an artist from Ukraine, this whale christmas tree decor is a rare find. Grab it “whale” you have the chance. This is the perfect Christmas gift for whale lovers.

17. Great white shark Christmas ornament

Great white shark Christmas ornament by Make Moody

Every scuba diver is dreaming of a great white shark Christmas! This laser engraved wooden shark ornament will look jaw-some in your Christmas tree, your car, or home for many years to come. Give this fun gift to the shark lovers that you know.

18. Handpainted sea turtle christmas tree ornament

Handpainted sea turtle christmas tree ornament by At Sea Trading Co

Have a turtely awesome Christmas with this hand-painted sea turtle ornament. This Christmas decor features a glittery blue-green sea turtle on a clear glass ball. They can be personalized as well making them unique gifts for turtle lovers.

I hope that these scuba diving ornaments has gotten you excited for Christmas. I have no doubt that these ocean-themed ornaments and scuba diving-inspired treasures will make your home a bit more fun and festive this holiday season.

Grab one for yourself because you deserve it. Then, spread the scuba love and joy to your family and friends because it is Christmas after all!

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Christmas ornaments for scuba divers
scuba diver christmas ornaments for gift giving and decorating

Which ones are your favorite Christmas ornaments for scuba divers? How will you decorate your Christmas tree this year? Leave a comment below!

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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