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The three p holiday & dive resort

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I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort Romblon and I must say, it was an absolutely incredible experience.

I had gone diving in Romblon in the past, but never had the chance to stay in Three P until my most recent trip. They were always fully booked, which meant that I had to stay somewhere else on the island. They did take me diving, though, and my previous experience with them is the reason why I keep coming back to this remote and beautiful island in the Philippines.

Now that travel and diving are getting back to normal, I jumped on the chance to revisit Romblon Island, one of my favorite dive destinations in the Philippines.

This time around, I made sure that I stayed with The Three P Beach Resort.

Where is Three P Resort located?

Romblon: The marble capital of the Philippines

The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort is located in Barangay Lonos in Romblon, an island province in the Philippines.

Composed of three major islands, namely Tablas, Sibuyan, and Romblon, the province is known for its beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters, and production of high-quality marble.

It is bordered by the province of Marinduque to the north, and by the provinces of Mindoro and Palawan to the west. Romblon is located at the end of the Verde Island Passage, which has been dubbed “the center of the center of marine biodiversity”. So it is not surprising that Romblon is home to a number of diverse marine life as well.

In recent years, Romblon has been attracting more divers due to its stunning natural beauty above and underwater. But because of its remote location, approximately 350 kilometers south of Manila, it remains to be one of the best-kept secrets of Philippine diving.

About Three P Romblon Dive Resort

Three P Resort mangrove

As of 2023, Three P is the only operational dive resort on Romblon Island. While there are other dive operators in Romblon province, Three P has almost 14 years of experience exploring the underwater world of this region of the Philippines.

This Romblon dive resort is owned by the Eschweiler family. It was named Three P after the 3 brothers: Peter, Philipp, and Patrick.

In 2002, their mother, Sally, who was born and raised on Romblon decided to return to the island with her German husband, Oswald. They started a restaurant named ‘The Three P Restaurant, Cafe and Bar’ which was known for Sally’s home-cooked meals.

Seeing the potential of Romblon as a tourist and dive destination, the Eschweiler family slowly laid the foundation for The Three P Beach Resort. In 2009, they opened their doors to tourists and scuba divers for the first time.

While they did start off as a typical dive center offering courses and fun dives, they saw the opportunity to show the rest of the world the rare and extraordinary critters that can be found in Romblon’s waters.

Nowadays, The Three P is best known for underwater macro photography and blackwater diving. Scuba divers, not just from the Philippines but from more than 40 nations around the world, travel for hours just to see species that cannot be found anywhere else in the Philippines.

Accommodations in The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort Romblon

Three P Romblon Resort Beach View Room
Three P Romblon Resort Beach-view Rooms

The Three P Beach Resort is located seven kilometers from Romblon town proper. Which in my opinion was the perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility.

It was isolated enough to provide peace and quiet, but was only a 15-minute trike ride away from the town, should you need to go back for any reason. This made it easy to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the resort while still being able to access the amenities and conveniences of the town.

Located by the main road, the dive resort initially appears to be a regular, unassuming home. However, upon entering, the property opens up to a beautiful garden with oceanfront cottages. At any given time, 3P can comfortably accommodate up to 24 guests.

I stayed in their very spacious room which can fit up to three people. I thought this was a great option for traveling dive buddies or even a small family.

Three P Resort Room
I loved that my room was spacious and had huge windows that allowed the natural light to come in.

The interior was tastefully designed with a modern look that seamlessly incorporated Romblon’s famous marble. The combination of these elements created a pleasant atmosphere that made me feel at ease.

In addition to the comfy bedding and air conditioning for a good night’s sleep after a full day of diving, the room was equipped with a number of features that would be appreciated by an underwater photographer. These included a large desk with a drip mat, a lamp, and a multi-socket charging station, providing a convenient and functional workspace for scuba divers who travel with a lot of gadgets.

The bathroom was clean and spacious, with a strong flow of hot and cold water in the shower. The resort also provided a generous number of hangers, which I greatly appreciated as it allowed me to easily hang and dry my swimsuits after every dive.

It was clear to me that the features included in the room at The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort were designed with the scuba diver in mind. Every detail had been thoughtfully considered to ensure that divers have everything they needed for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Three P Diving Experience

While I did enjoy resting and relaxing in my room, the real highlight of my trip was the diving.

As someone who has gone scuba diving extensively within the Philippines, I can confidently say that Three P’s spotters are one of the best you’ll ever encounter while diving. Their expertise in finding the weirdest, most rare, and super macro critters in a single dive is something I have never seen anywhere else.

People are always amazed when I show them photos or videos of the wonderful critters of Romblon, but I can never take credit for finding them in the first place.

All my dives in Romblon have been unforgettable because of Three P’s excellent team of spotters and boat crew. They continue to surprise me on each dive with their deep knowledge of the local underwater residents.

The spectacular diving that Three P offers is the main reason why I keep coming back to this island. To see these rarely-seen critters with my very own eyes is worth the journey. I have nothing but gratitude for 3P for these unique underwater encounters.

Marine life in Romblon

Here are some of my favorite underwater photos from my recent trip.

I’m still blown away by the different kinds of sea slugs, nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, fish, and cephalopods Three P has shown me while scuba diving in Romblon, many of which I didn’t even know existed.

Dive sites in Romblon

For my most recent trip, I did a total of 9 dives in various dive sites in Romblon, which are around 5-15 minutes away from the 3P Resort. Most of the dives were on sloping sandy reefs covered in coral patches.

30+ dive sites in Romblon for all kinds of scuba divers

Divers are assigned to a small boat, locally called a banka, with a maximum of 4 divers to 1 guide. You can also ask for your own guide if are looking for specific creatures on your must-see list.

Since most divers who go to Romblon are photographers, you can expect the dives to last longer than usual. I was logging 60-90 minute dives, which I absolutely loved.

On a typical day, we would do 2 dives in the morning and 1 night dive. It is possible to do more than that, but it can be exhausting given that we were underwater for longer periods and that we were only diving with air. Unfortunately, Nitrox was not available due to limited oxygen supplies on the island itself.

If you’re wondering if Romblon is only for macro photographers, it most certainly is not. Romblon has a lot of dive sites for both beginners and experienced divers.

While most of my dives with Three P was focusing on macro photography diving, we did visit dive sites that showed a different side of Romblon. It was a good break from all the microscopic critters they were showing me!

These dive sites had lush and beautiful coral landscapes, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. At one point I even saw some schooling snappers and fussiliers.

If you’re a fun diver and not into photography, Three P can take you to these kinds of dive sites as well.

Blackwater diving

Another type of scuba diving you can experience at 3P Resort Romblon is a blackwater dive.

For those who don’t know, blackwater diving takes place at night in the open ocean. It is an amazing way to see all kinds of unique and pelagic marine life that you wouldn’t normally see during the day. 

During the blackwater dive, we drifted with the current in the middle of the ocean. With an underwater torch (and camera) at hand, we were able to see amazing creatures, like bioluminescent plankton, jellyfish, and other strange but beautiful animals.

I have to admit, I was a little scared and anxious before the dive, but Patrick and Sunny guided us throughout the entire thing and I came out of it totally stoked and wanting more.

I would definitely do this again, and I highly recommend you try it out too! If you would like to know more about blackwater diving, read my post on Blackwater Diving for Beginners: Complete Guide for First-Timers

Diving Conditions in Romblon

You can scuba dive in Romblon the whole year round. But the best time to visit is November to June as there are fewer chances of rain. I have gone scuba diving with Three P Resort in April 2018, October 2018 and December 2022, and did not have any weather issues that ruined my experience.

Water temperatures are usually between 26°C to 30°C (80°F to 86°F). I would recommend wearing a 3mm or 5mm wetsuit, especially on night dives where temperature drops and dive time can extend for up to 90 minutes.

Visibility underwater is amazing and can reach up to 20 meters (66 feet).

Food in 3P Resort Romblon

Three P Dining Area

During my stay, I had the pleasure of trying out the different dishes on their menu. They served a mix of traditional Filipino dishes and international cuisine, and everything we tried was cooked to perfection.

Breakfast was a simple buffet of breads, cheese, ham, and cereal. They had an omelette station so you can have freshly cooked eggs the way you want them.

Lunch and dinner were a bit more heavier and filling, like a pasta dish with salad on the side, or a meat and veggie dish with rice. All the servings were generous, and my only complaint is that sometimes it was too much and I ended up not finishing what was served.

Overall Service

One of the things I loved about staying in Three P was the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

From the time I made plans of going, I was coordinating with Kati, wife of Philipp.

The family is very hands-on with the day-to-day operation, and on any given time you will see one of them at the resort making sure that the guests are happy.

I could easily just come up with one of the brothers and have a chat with them about diving. And in some instances, I even got to dive with them!

The dive and resort staff were also amazing. I loved that they remembered my name. I know, it’s not a big deal for some, but it’s a small detail that many establishments overlook.

I felt very well taken care of my entire stay and now understand why Three P Resort often gets fully booked and divers from all over the world keep coming back to this island home.

3P Resort Rates

For full transparency, my stay in Three P was sponsored in exchange for a full review and feature on my website and social media platforms. While it was complimentary, all opinions are mine.

To give you an idea of how much it is to stay in Three P Resort here are some of the prices of their accommodation and diving.

RoomLow Season (July to October)High season (November to June)
Ocean Front Bungalow/Room for 1 or 2 guests USD 53USD 69
Ocean Front Bungalow/Room for up to 3 guests
USD 65USD 79
Deluxe Room for 1 or 2 guestsUSD 49USD 59
Deluxe Room for up to 3 guestsUSD 59USD 69
Deluxe Room for up to 4 guests USD 71USD 79
Standard Room for 1 or 2 guestsUSD 39USD 49
Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)USD 24.30USD 29.90
Single dive (incl. boat, guide/spotter)USD 34USD 34
6 Dives Package classic (1 guide/spotter for max. 4 divers)USD 173USD 199
Night Diving FeeAdditional USD 4Additional USD 25
Blackwater diving feeAdditional USD 25Additional USD 25

Click here for full list of 3P Resorts Prices

How to get to 3P Romblon

Option 1: Take an airplane to Tugdan Airport (TBH)

  1. From NAIA Airport in Metro Manila, you can take a 90-minute plane ride to Tugdan Airport in Tablas Island. Swift Air services this route every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  2. When you arrive in Tablas, you will need to take a 90-minute jeep or tricycle ride to the town of San Agustin for Php250 (Usd 5).
  3. From San Agustin Pier, take a 40-minute pump boat to Romblon Island. Daily trips going to Romblon are at 8 AM and 1 PM. This costs around Php200 (Usd4) per person.
  4. Once you arrive in Romblon Pier, you can take a 15-minute tricycle ride to Three P Resort for Php150 (Usd3)

Pros of Flying to Romblon : Faster travel time

Con of Flying to Romblon : Limited flight schedule, More expensive, Multiple transfers

Option 2: Take a Ferry to Romblon Island

Make your way to Batangas Pier or Port of Lucena and take an overnight ferry to Romblon Island. Travel takes 8-14 hours depending on the ferry and port of disembarkation.

Ferry from Batangas Pier

  1. From Metro Manila, you can take Jam Liner and Alps Bus to Batangas Pier. Travel time is approximately 3-4 hours. Bus fare should cost no more than Php400 (Usd8). I recommend you leave Manila by 11 AM since the ferry departs at 4 or 5 PM. This should give you time to buy the tickets and account for other delays.
  2. There are two ferries you can take to Romblon Island. Starlite Ferry and Montenegro service these routes. Tourist fares are around Php1000 (Usd20).
Day of DepartureFerry CompanyETD BatangasETA Romblon
MondayStarlite FerryMon 16:00Tue 01:00 (+1)
WednesdayStarlite FerryWed 16:00Thu 01:00 (+1)
ThursdayMontenegro LinesThu 17:00Fri 07:00 (+1)
FridayStarlite FerryFri 16:00Sat 01:00 (+1)
SaturdayStarlite FerrySat 16:00Sun 01:00 (+1)
SaturdayMontenegro LinesSat 17:00Sun 07:00 (+1)
  1. Once you arrive at Romblon Pier, you can take a 15-minute tricycle ride to Three P Resort for Php150 (Usd3)

Ferry from Port of Lucena

  1. From Metro Manila, you can take Jam Liner to the Port of Lucena. Travel time is approximately 4-5 hours. Bus fare should cost no more than Php400 (Usd8). I recommend you leave Metro Manila by 9 AM since the ferry departs at 4 PM. This should give you time to buy the tickets and account for other delays.
  2. If you are leaving from the Port of Lucena, Starhorse Ferry services this route on a daily basis. The fare should not be more than Php1000 (Usd20)
Day of DepartureFerry CompanyETD LucenaETA Romblon Island
Every day of the weekStarhorse Ferry16:0006:00 (+1)
  1. Once you arrive at Romblon Pier, you can take a 15-minute tricycle ride to Three P Resort for Php150 (Usd3)

Pros of taking a ferry to Romblon: Affordable rates, No issues with luggage weight

Cons of taking a ferry to Romblon: Time-consuming, fewer transfers

I personally prefer getting to Romblon using this option as I find it easier and more affordable as a solo traveler.

Three P Holiday Dive Resort Romblon offers a full transfer service to make travel easier for you. You can arrange this with them prior to your arrival.

It is also best to contact Three P for the most current flight and ferry schedules, as they may change from time to time.

The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort Contact Information

If you would like to stay in Three P Resort on your next dive holiday in Romblon, here are their contact details:

The Three P Beach Resort
Babangtan, Lonos, Romblon Island
5500 Romblon, Philippines
Email: info(a)

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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