Unique Sea Turtle Gifts: 31 Gift Ideas for Turtle Lovers

Unique sea turtle gifts

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Do you love sea turtles or know anyone who is obsessed with them?  If you’re looking for unique sea turtle gifts, then continue reading for the best gift ideas for sea turtle lovers.

Throughout history, across different cultures and traditions, the sea turtle has been a symbol of longevity, peace, wisdom, and strength. For some, the marine turtle represents going with the flow in the exciting life journey. For others, sea turtles are a reminder to take things slow and not to rush. Not only are sea turtles beautiful creatures to look at but what they represent holds an even deeper meaning for many.

It is not surprising that many people around the world love this magnificent creature. Some might even consider the sea turtle as their “spirit animal.” So, if you or someone you know loves sea turtles here are some of the best sea turtle gifts you can get them.

Unique Sea Turtle Gifts (Shop by Category)
  1. Unique Gift Ideas for Sea Turtle Lovers
  2. Personalized Gifts for Sea Turtle Lovers
  3. Sea Turtle Gifts for Him
  4. Sea Turtle Gifts for Her
  5. Sea Turtle Gifts for Kids
  6. Sea Turtle Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers
  7. Gift Idea for Sea Turtle Conservation

Unique Gift Ideas for Sea Turtle Lovers

Here are some unconventional gifts for sea turtle lovers.

1. Sea turtle watercolor canvas print

Sea turtle watercolor canvas print

Decorate your home with this beautiful sea turtle wall art print. The design is printed on canvas and mounted on a wooden frame for easy hanging and display. This ocean-inspired art is a lovely present for turtle lovers.

2. Mandala sea turtle microfiber round beach towel

Microfiber Round Large Plush Beach Towel Blanket

This mandala sea turtle microfiber towel is perfect to use for the beach, a picnic, or poolside. Enjoy a day out under the sun lounging on this soft and absorbent towel blanket. You can also use it as a bed throw or bath towel at home.

3. Sea turtle stemless wine glass (Set of 4)

Set of 4 Hawaii Hibiscus Flower Sea Turtle Stemless Handmade Etched Crackle Teal Wine Glasses 18 Ounces

Do you know anyone who loves sea turtles and love wine? Then you should get them this sea turtle stemless wine glass set! The blue crackle at the bottom makes the glass look like a deep blue ocean which any marine turtle lover will surely enjoy. Also, get them a wine subscription so they can enjoy drinking wine (and sea turtles) all year round. 

4. Sea turtle metal art

Nachic Wall Turtle Metal Wall Art

This sea turtle metal art is an excellent focal piece in any room. Engage your guests in a discussion about sea turtle using this unique metal wall art. This unique decor is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

5. Sea turtle dive map by Salty Blue Spots

Sea turtle dive map by Salty Blue Spots

This sea turtle dive map from Salty Blue Spots is a fantastic gift for sea turtle fans. It features 27 of the very best dive sites to spot sea turtles all over the world and also contains interesting facts about the seven different sea turtles on earth. This unique sea turtle map can be a wonderful housewarming gift for a turtle lover.

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6. Big sea turtle (Honu) Hawaiian car seat covers by NinthIsle

Protect your car seats from food, sand, dirt, and grime with these fun big sea turtle car seat covers. The Hawaiian print will surely give you the island vibe while cruising in your car.

Personalized Gifts for Sea Turtle Lovers

Give a truly unique sea turtle gift by getting something customized. Here are some personalized gifts for sea turtle lovers.

7. Personalized sea turtle ornament by Bigfoot Creations MN

This wooden sea turtle ornament is a unique gift for sea turtle lovers. It can be customized with your name to make it more meaningful. Ocean lovers would love hanging this not just during Christmas but the whole year round!

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8. Personalized sea turtle stationery by Faith and Franklin

Beautifully detailed, realistic and personalized, this loggerhead sea turtle note cards make a great gift for marine turtle lovers. The personalized stationary set for men or women comes in 5.5″ x 4.25″ matte cardstock that is easy to write on. 

9. Personalized sea turtle lamp by Coosaw Customs

This sea turtle LED night light can be personalized with your name, personal message, or favorite phrase. Powered by 3 AA batteries or from a USB cable, the LED lamp has 16 colors you can control via a remote. The multi-colored lamp can add character to any room and makes a unique gift for turtle lovers.

10. Customizable sea turtle cutting board from The Cutting Board Shop

This customized sea turtles cutting board is an excellent gift for your family or friends who love turtles. The cutting board features three marine turtles and you may personalize it with names, dates, and even quotes. This personalized sea turtle gift is perfect to be given during a housewarming, engagement, or wedding parties.

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Sea Turtle Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for the perfect sea turtle gift for your husband, dad, son, or boyfriend? Here are some presents you can get them for their birthdays, Father’s day, Christmas or for no reason at all!

11. Shell yeah t-shirt

Shell Yeah - Cute Tortoise & Sea Turtle Lover T-Shirt

Would anyone want a sea turtle shirt? Shell, yeah! I would! No doubt any marine turtle lover would love a gift as punny as this one. This soft cotton shirt is also available in other colors like blues and grays. This turtle-themed shirt is a great gift for anyone who loves slow and steady life at the beach. 

12. Green turtle tie

Turtle Tie for Men

Look as cool as a sea turtle with this green turtle tie. Any dapper, sea-turtle loving dude would absolutely enjoy wearing this turtle tie made with premium fabric. 

Brings some personality to your tux with these sea turtle cuff links by artist and designer Paxton Mobley. Made with sterling silver, these turtle-y adorable accessories will surely make any man stand out. These handmade sterling silver turtle cuff links already come in an attractive gift box for a trouble-free gift-giving experience. 

14. Sea turtle sun mask

This sea turtle neck buff is a cool and stylish way to protect yourself from elements like the wind and sun. It is very versatile as it can be used as a face covering, bandana, wristband, or neck warmer. The neck gaiter features the sea turtle shell’s pattern. It is a fantastic gift for men who loves sea turtles.

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Sea Turtle Gifts for Her

Here are some sea turtle gifts for mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter or any women in your life who loves sea turtles!

15. Turquoise sea turtle necklace

Turtle Pendant Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Genuine Gemstones 20

This sea turtle necklace is a beautiful keepsake for women. Made of 925 sterling silver and copper-infused matrix turquoise, this timeless and elegant piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for birthdays, mother’s day, anniversary, Christmas, valentines, and more! 

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16. Lazy One sea turtle pajamas for women

Lazy One Pajamas for Women

These sea turtle pajama bottoms make great gifts for ocean and turtle lovers alike. Lounge comfortably at home in these soft cotton marine turtle sleepwear. You can also get a matching turtley awesome top to complete the ensemble. This sea turtle themed gift is perfect for those who need to chill and relax like a turtle.

17. Chala Sweet Messenger Bag Turquoise Turtle Design

Turquoise Turtle Chala Handbag Sweet Messenger Mid Size Tote Bag

The Chala sweet messenger bag is a practical and stylish sea turtle present for women always on the go. It is the right size to carry all your necessities around town. The turquoise turtle-themed bag is made with vegan leather to guarantee that no animals were harmed in making this fun and whimsical bag.

18. Pura Vida sea turtle bracelet set

Take the sea with you where you go with this Sea Turtle Bracelet Pack The set includes a sea-inspired bracelet, a braided bracelet, a coin charm chain style bracelet, and of course a dainty ocean turtle bracelet to create the perfect summer accessory. This gorgeous collection is made by Pura Vida, a company that raises awareness for charities and provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide.

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Sea Turtle Gifts for Kids

19. Sea turtle stuffed animal

Melissa & Doug Giant Sea Turtle

Hug and snuggle a sea turtle all you want with this life-size plush turtle. This turtle stuffed toy will look great in any bedroom or playroom. Its cute and cuddly form makes a perfect gift not just for kids but also for all ages who love turtles that roam our oceans.

20. Sea turtle blanket

Silver Lilly Animal Tail Blanket - Plush Animal Sleeping Bag Blanket for Kids (Turtle)

Make bedtime more fun with this sea turtle blanket. Soft to touch and made of plush polyester, this sea turtle blanket provides the perfect amount of warmth and comfort while sleeping. The distinct turtle shape and colors will make any child feel like they’re wearing a fun costume to bed. This marine turtle gift is perfect for a child who loves animals or the ocean. 

21. Sea turtle wooden jigsaw puzzle

Sea Turtle Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw,

Challenge a kid’s mind with this sea turtle wooden jigsaw puzzle.  If you are looking for a meaningful sea turtle gift, this unique puzzle is an awesome choice for kids and kids at heart. It can provide many hours of fun and entertainment while helping improve concentration, patience, and problem-solving skills!

22. Sea turtle baby crib mobile by TinylandUA

Looking for a gender-neutral gift for a baby? This sea turtle baby mobile is a perfect gift for new parents or for a baby shower. The custom-made under the sea mobile includes 4 turtles, 3 corals, 3 seaweed and woolen balls.  Any mom or dad who are sea-turtle obsessed will love receiving this sea turtle mobile for their little one.

Sea Turtle Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

Scuba divers do love sea turtles! If you are looking for gifts for scuba divers that have a sea turtle theme or element to it, here are some gift ideas.

23. Dive Proof sea turtle dive log book

Any diver knows the importance of logging dives. If you’re looking for the best scuba diving log, check out this personalized dive log from Dive Proof. You don’t have to worry about damaging your dive records because of the waterproof, grease-proof, tear-proof pages. These customizable sea turtle dive logs are wonderful gifts for scuba divers who love to dive with sea turtles all over the world. 

24. Slipins hawksbill sea turtle dive skin

SlipIns DiveSkins Zippered Full Body Diving Skin

Show your love for the ocean with these Slipins Hawksbill Sea Turtle Dive Skin. The fast-drying, full-body lycra suit features the unique orange and black shell pattern of a hawksbill sea turtle shell. It can be worn as-is for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, free diving, boating, and other fun water activities to protect your skin from stinging creatures in the sea as well as the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 

25. Sea turtle dive hair set by Girls That Scuba

Rock the sea turtle look on every dive with this scuba hair accessory set. Keep your long hair away from your face using a sea turtle mask strap cover, a sea turtle buff, and a sea turtle hair scrunchie. This combo is one of the best ways to protect your hair while scuba diving. This is the perfect gift for the sea turtle-loving girl who loves to scuba. 

26. Sea turtle dive tag BCD with custom with name from Broider

Mark your scuba gear with this personalized BCD tag. Help others identify you underwater with this sea turtle embroidered BCD name tag. Get one for yourself and your dive buddy and avoid mixing your gear with everyone elses on your next boat dive or liveaboard. 

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Gift Idea for Sea Turtle Conservation

Here are some sea turtle presents that will also help save the sea turtles in our ocean. If you want to give a meaningful gift geared towards sea turtle conservation, here are some environmentalist gifts you should get for the sea turtle lover that you know.

27. Waterlust sea turtle apparel

Look turtley awesome underwater while wearing these Sea Turtle ocean apparel from Waterlust. The print on these swimwear features the patterns and colors found on the carapace, flippers, and head of green sea turtles or Chelonia mydas. If you love sea turtles, you’d be happy to know that Waterlust is a sustainable brand that makes use of recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles. On top of that, when you buy from their Sea Turtle collection, 10% of profits are donate to the Florida State University Marine Turtle Research, Ecology and Conservation Group. Any sea turtle lover would love this gift.

28. Sea turtle book

Sea Turtles: A Complete Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation

This Sea Turtles book is packed with information that ocean conservationists will surely enjoy. It was written by James R. Spotila,  a marine biologist who spent much of his life working to ensure the survival of the graceful turtles of our oceans. By reading this book, you can learn about the different sea turtles species, a sea turtle’s history, life cycle, and most importantly, how you can help save them. It is also filled with beautiful colored photographs of sea turtles which makes it perfect to be enjoyed by readers of all ages everywhere. Grab a copy for the sea turtle lover and bookworm that you know.

29. 4Ocean loggerhead sea turtles recycled bracelet

4Ocean is on a mission to stop plastic pollution that can kill our sea turtles. The loggerhead sea turtle bracelets are made with a cord from recycled plastic, beads from recycled glass, and a stainless steel 4Ocean tag. When you purchase a 2-pack Turtle Recycled Bracelet, 4Ocean will remove 2 pounds of waste from the sea. If you are looking for a gift that helps in sea turtle conservation efforts, get your 4Ocean bracelet today.

If you love wearing or giving bracelets for a cause, check out this list of bracelets that support ocean conservation, including the protection of sea turtles!

30. Adopt a Sea Turtle with Sea Turtle Conservancy

Any sea turtle lover would know not to touch and harm these wonderful creatures, but did you know you can adopt them?! While you will not be receiving a real live turtle in your mail, you can virtually adopt a sea turtle online through Sea Turtle Conservancy. When you adopt a sea turtle, you will receive a personalized adoption certificate and a sea turtle informational kit. You will also receive a tracking number so you can monitor where in the world your adopted sea turtle is!

You might also want to check out this bracelet that tracks sea turtles from Fahlo, formerly known as Wildlife Collections. Read my full review on this cool sea turtle tracking bracelet.

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31. Sea turtle insulated water bottle

Say no to plastic that could harm sea creatures like the sea turtles. By using this reusable water bottle, less plastic enters our oceans and waterways. This double-walled, vacuum-insulated sea turtle water bottle will keep you hydrated as you swim with sea turtles in the wild. The 750 ml refillable bottle features the unique sea turtle pattern that any ocean lover will recognize.

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31 Unique Sea Turtle Gifts
Best Gift Ideas for Sea Turtle Lovers

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