Sogod Bay scuba diving group trip Package for 2024

Sogod Bay is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Southern Leyte, Philippines. It is known for its exceptional biodiversity, crystal-clear waters, and pristine coral reefs. It boasts a rich tapestry of soft and hard corals, serving as a habitat for an array of marine life, from pygmy seahorses and nudibranch to majestic sea turtles, frogfish, octopus, and, in season, the magnificent whale sharks.

With over 25 pristine dive locations characterized by flourishing coral reefs and an abundance of macro life, the resort is a welcoming haven for underwater photographers and videographers, having hosted renowned talents from around the globe.

Whether you seek thrilling encounters or serene moments of underwater tranquility, Sogod Bay has it all.

Sogod Bay Dive Package

Discover the underwater wonderland of Sogod Bay.

Travel Date

The 7 days, 6 nights Dive Trip is scheduled on November 24-30, 2024.

Package Inclusions

The following are INCLUDED in the 7 days, 6 nights Sogod Bay Dive Package

  • Van transfers between Tacloban City Airport and dive resort
  • Twin-sharing, airconditioned, beach-front room at Sogod Bay Scuba Resort
  • Resort meals and snacks (Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner)
  • Eleven (11) day dives and three (3) night dives
  • Tanks, weights, air refill, and dive guide
  • Whale shark snorkeling tour
  • Environmental fees

Package Exclusions

The following are NOT INCLUDED in the 6 days, 5 nights Sogod Bay Dive Package

  • Local and international flights
  • Scuba gear rental
  • Nitrox
  • Beverages (Soda, Alcoholic Drinks, Specialty Drinks, etc.)
  • Dive and travel insurance
  • Dive crew tip/gratuity


The price for this dive package is Php66,000 (USD1200) per person.


Day 1
Arrive at Tacloban Airport at around 6AM (Flight: PAL PR 2981)
Take a 4-hour van ride to Padre Burgos with stop-over
at McArthur Shrine and Agas-Agas Bridge
Check-in at Sogod Bay Scuba Resort
1 Afternoon checkout dive
1 Night dive
Day 2
2 Morning dives
1 Night dive
Day 3
2 Morning dives
1 Night dive
Day 4
2 Morning dives
1 Afternoon dive
Day 5
2 Morning dives
1 Afternoon dive
Day 6
Whale shark snorkeling tour*
Day 7
Depart Padre Burgos at 9AM
Check-in at Tacloban Airport at 1 PM (Flight: PAL PR 2986)
Arrive in Manila at 4:30 PM

Note: The day scheduled for whale shark snorkeling may be adjusted/ swapped with. another dive day, based on whale shark sighting reports. If whale shark sightings are not reported, this will be replaced with two morning scuba dives. Please note that this is exclusively a snorkeling excursion due to the extensive scuba diving planned for the trip. After scuba diving, residual nitrogen remains in your body, and returning to significant depths and ascending quickly could impact the off-gassing process and potentially trigger Decompression Sickness (DCS). As a general guideline, it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before engaging in freediving activities following any form of scuba diving.

Daily Dive Schedule

7 AMBreakfast
8:15 AMBoarding Time
8:30 – 1 PM2 Morning Dives with snack on the boat
1 PMLunch
3 PM – 4:30 PMAfternoon Dive
4:30 PMSnack
6 PM – 7:30 PMNight Dive (if qualified)
7:30 PMDinner

Dive Sites

Divers in Sogod Bay are treated to a diverse array of underwater landscapes. Among the exceptional features are coral gardens that dazzle with their colorful splendor, steep drop-offs that plunge into the depths, underwater shelves that harbor hidden treasures, and magnificent walls that provide a canvas for marine life to thrive. The bay’s unique topography ensures that every dive is a new adventure, with surprises waiting around every coral-covered corner.

Sogod Bay’s dive sites is the teeming macro life that calls these waters home. From the tiniest pygmy seahorses to captivating nudibranchs and elusive pipefish, macro enthusiasts will find themselves in a haven of miniature wonders. The bay is a veritable treasure trove for underwater photographers and videographers.

The opportunity to capture the bay’s beauty through the lens is an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your underwater photography journey, the bay’s thriving marine life and stunning coral formations will provide endless inspiration.

Sogod Bay’s pristine dive sites will leave you spellbound and eager to explore its depths again and again. From awe-inspiring coral formations to captivating macro life, this underwater paradise promises divers an experience they’ll cherish forever.

About Sogod Bay Scuba Resort

Sogod Bay Scuba Resort, while not a 5-star luxury destination, embraces the allure of rural simplicity. The surrounding area is notably provincial, devoid of state-of-the-art facilities, but this is precisely what contributes to the resort’s unique charm. Guests should expect an unpretentious experience in a serene environment, where the focus is on the natural beauty of the surroundings and the genuine hospitality extended by the resort. It’s an opportunity to escape the urban hustle and connect with nature, appreciating the beauty of simplicity that defines Sogod Bay Scuba Resort.


Ocean-front rooms offer spectacular views of Sogod Bay and amenities include airconditioning, cable TV, refrigerator minibar, ceiling fan, bathroom en suite (with hot shower), and a beachfront terrace overlooking the sea. Rooms are serviced daily and offer tea and coffee maker.

Other resort amenities:

  • WiFi is provided when available.
  • A backup generator assures your comfort.
  • Internet access
  • Reading library
  • Massage, manicure and pedicure are available upon request
  • No karaoke at resort

Restaurant and food

The restaurant is open daily from 7 am to 3 pm and reopens from 5:30 pm to 9 pm, providing guests with an opportunity to dine while enjoying picturesque views of Sogod Bay on the al fresco dining terrace.

The restaurant offers an extensive à la carte menu that caters to a variety of tastes, combining Western-style dishes with local flavors. A standout feature is the daily specials menu, featuring delectable dishes such as spicy Singaporean pork, traditional Filipino chicken adobo, flavorful chili garlic prawns, and the exquisite grilled Wahoo served with a tantalizing black bean sauce.

To complement the culinary experience, guests can savor freshly baked bread and savor a selection of brewed and espresso coffees. The well-stocked bar boasts an impressive array of red and white wines, an extensive spirits collection, a range of refreshing cocktails, and, of course, a choice of chilled beers to suit every preference.

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