10 Best Women’s scuba Wetsuit Brands: Where to Buy

Best womens scuba wetsuit brands

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Wetsuits are an essential piece of scuba equipment that every diver should have. The scuba diving attire that you wear, will not only protect your skin from any scrapes, stings, and UV radiation, but also keep you warm when you are diving in cold waters.

But one shouldn’t simply buy any kind of wetsuit. You should look for a wetsuit that fits your body perfectly in order to have a safe and fun dive.

If you’re a female diver, a wetsuit that is made especially for women is an item that you ought to make an investment in.

Women’s wetsuits take into mind their specific body forms, curves, and proportions, which vary from men’s. They have better contouring, assuring a tight fit that improves movement and decreases water intrusion while scuba diving.

In this post, you’ll find the best women’s scuba wetsuits. Discover the top scuba diving wetsuit brands, innovative technologies they use, and their sustainable practices.

1. Scubapro women’s wetsuit

Wetsuits manufactured by Scubapro are noted for their high level of quality, as well as their durability and comfort. Their women’s wetsuits include anatomically formed cuts that give a superior fit while yet allowing for freedom of movement. This is one of the many reasons why they are so popular.

Wetsuits made by Scubapro are constructed using innovative materials that provide warmth without adding unnecessary bulk. Their designs are catered to female divers by giving a broad size range to fit a variety of body shapes and devoting particular attention to features like as contouring around the breast and hips.

scubapro wetsuit for women
Featured Scubapro women’s wetsuit:
3mm Sport Steamer
5mm Definition Steamer
7.5/5.0mm Everflex YULEX® Dive Steamer
3mm Sport Steamer5mm Definition Steamer7mm Everflex YULEX® Dive Steamer
Thickness3 mm5 mm7 mm
Available SizesXS – 2XL2XS – 2XL2XS – 4XL
Check PriceScubaproScubaproScubapro
Check PriceAmazonAmazonAmazon

2. Henderson women’s scuba wetsuit

Henderson is well-known for its dedication to developing wetsuits that fit a wide range of body types and sizes. They have a large selection of women’s sizes, including plus sizes, to ensure an inclusive fit for all divers. Henderson’s wetsuits are made of high-quality neoprene, which provides great thermal protection.

Henderson is at the forefront of sustainable wetsuit manufacturing. Their Greenprene® wetsuit line is created from neoprene-free insulating foam that is 100% recyclable. Greenprene® is made from deproteinized natural rubber and other natural ingredients such as sugarcane, plant oils, and oyster shells. It has outstanding UV resistance, durability, and ultra-soft, stretchy comfort.

Henderson’s Thermoprene PRO range also provides a whopping 250% stretch so it contours every curve of the body to provide optimal warmth and comfort. The Thermoprene PRO range, as a professional-level wetsuit, guarantees that female divers may focus on their underwater experiences without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

Henderson women's scuba wetsuit
Featured Henderson wetsuit for women:
Henderson 3mm Greenprene Women’s Full Wetsuit
Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Women’s Full Wetsuit
Henderson 7mm Thermoprene Pro Women’s Full Wetsuit
GreenpreneThermopreneThermoprene Pro
Thickness3 mm5 mm7 mm
Available Sizes4 – 164 – 244 – 24
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com
Check PriceAmazonAmazonAmazon

3. Cressi Women’s scuba Wetsuit

Cressi is a renowned brand in the scuba diving industry, known for its dedication to providing high-quality wetsuits that meet the specific needs of female divers. With a focus on functionality, comfort, and style, Cressi’s wetsuit allows females to move freely underwater while staying comfortable.

Cressi’s women’s wetsuits are designed with different proportions in mind, considering the specific needs of women when it comes to contouring around the bust, hips, and waist.

When it comes to design, Cressi pays careful attention to creating wetsuits that not only perform well but also appeal to the fashion-conscious female divers. Their wetsuits often feature the traditional black neoprene but they incorporating bright colors and patterns to make you standout underwater.

Cressi Women's scuba Wetsuit
Featured Cressi women’s wetsuit:
Cressi 3mm Morea Women’s Full Wetsuit
Cressi 5mm Castoro Women’s Full Wetsuit
Cressi Cressi 7mm Fast Women’s Full Wetsuit
Morea Women’s WetsuitCastoro Women’s WetsuitFast Women’s Full Wetsuit
Thickness3 mm5 mm7 mm
Available SizesXS – XLXS – XLXS – XL
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com
Check PriceAmazonAmazonAmazon

4. Aqualung women’s wetsuit

Aqualung is renowned for their wetsuits that cater to the needs of female divers. What sets them apart is their commitment to both performance and environmental responsibility.

Aqualung uses non-petroleum-based neoprene that is free from P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). This means that their wetsuits are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional petroleum-based neoprene. By prioritizing the use of sustainable materials, Aqualung demonstrates their dedication to better environmental health.

Aqualung wetsuits are synonymous with stretch, comfort, and warmth, delivering an excellent balance of flexibility and insulation. Their wetsuit line offers a wide range of options, available in 7mm, 5mm, and 3mm thicknesses, catering to different diving conditions. Additionally, Aqualung provides a variety of color options, allowing female divers to express their personal style underwater.

Aqualung women's wetsuit
Featured Aqualung dive wetsuit for women:
Aqualung 3mm Hydroflex Women’s Full Wetsuit
Aqualung 5mm Aquaflex Women’s Full Wetsuit
Aqualung 8/7mm Solaflex Women’s Hooded Full Wetsuit

Hydroflex Women’s WetsuitAquaflex Women’s WetsuitFast Women’s Full Wetsuit
Thickness3 mm5 mm7 mm
Available SizesXS – 2XLXS – 3XLS – XL
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com

5. Mares women’s wetsuit for scuba diving

Mares distinguish themselves by using high-quality ultra-stretch neoprene in the manufacture of their wetsuits. This material provides great flexibility, allowing female divers to move effortlessly underwater. The wetsuits are made to adhere to the curves of the body, delivering a comfortable and snug fit.

Whether it’s a thinner wetsuit for warmer seas or a thicker one for colder conditions, Mares offer a wide selection of thicknesses, allowing female divers to select the ideal wetsuit based on water temperature and personal preferences.

Mares wetsuits are designed with minimalism in mind, for a clean and sleek appearance. This is ideal for divers who want to present a visually pleasing and professional image.

The use of graphene fibers in Mares’ graph-flex wetsuits is one of their highlight innovations. This ground-breaking substance, which is woven into the inner layers, improves thermal insulation by trapping and reflecting heat. As a result, Mares wetsuits made with graphene fibers are among the warmest scuba wetsuits on the market.

Mares women's wetsuit for scuba diving
Featured Mares women’s scuba wetsuit:
Mares 2.5mm M-Flex Women’s Shorty Wetsuit
Mares 5mm M-Flex Women’s Full Wetsuit
Mares 7mm Graph-Flex Women’s Full Wetsuit

M-Flex Women’s Shorty WetsuitM-Flex Women’s Full WetsuitGraph-Flex Women’s Full Wetsuit
Thickness2.5 mm5 mm7 mm
Available Sizes4 – 164 – 164 – 16
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com

6. Bare scuba wetsuit for women

Bare wetsuits are designed and manufactured by women, for women. They focus fit and functionality. They understand the specific needs of the female body and have designed their wetsuits to provide maximum comfort and movement.

One of Bare’s exceptional wetsuits is their Evoke series, using Graphene Technology. This ground-breaking material provides unrivaled thermal insulation, providing great warmth and comfort even in cooler waters.

In addition to their focus on performance, Bare is devoted to sustainability. They’ve created wetsuits made of limestone-based foam, a more environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based foams. The usage of dope-dyed fibers adds to sustainability initiatives by reducing pollution and reducing wastewater output.

Bare scuba wetsuit for women
Featured Bare scuba diving wetsuit for women:
Bare 3/2mm Elate Women’s Full Wetsuit
Bare 5mm Nixie Ultra Women’s Full Wetsuit
Bare 7mm Evoke Women’s Full Wetsuit
ThermopreneNixie Ultra Women’s WetsuitEvoke Women’s Wetsuit
Thickness3 mm5 mm7 mm
Available Sizes4 – 124 – 142 – 12
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com
Check PriceAmazonAmazonAmazon

7. Waterproof scuba diving wetsuit for women

Waterproof’s wetsuits uses Neoflex, a super-stretch, 100% microcell limestone CR neoprene. Although more costly, this material is often regarded as the best on the market, providing superior durability, memory, and insulation.

Waterproof wetsuits have a 3D sculpted shape that is carefully customized to deliver the best anatomical fit possible. This feature improves movement flexibility, allowing female divers to maneuver comfortably underwater.

They recognize the importance of gender-specific styling in wetsuits. Their designs give female divers comfortable lift and support while taking into mind their specific demands and body types.

Waterproof is dedicated to keeping the ocean plastic free by eliminating plastic in their packaging.

Waterproof scuba diving wetsuit for women
Featured Waterproof scuba diving wetsuit for women:
Waterproof 3.5mm Tropic Women’s Full Wetsuit
Waterproof 5mm W8 Women’s Full Wetsuit
Waterproof 7mm W7 Women’s Full Wetsuit

Tropic Women’s WetsuitW8 Women’s WetsuitW7 Women’s Wetsuit
Thickness3 mm5 mm7 mm
Available SizesS-XLXS-XXLXS-XL
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com
Check PriceAmazonAmazon

8. Seac scuba diving women’s wetsuit

Seac’s wetsuits are designed to fulfill the demands of female divers, whether it’s rapid and simple dressing in less-than-ideal situations or coping with cold temperatures and humidity levels. They are recognized for making diving suits that are extremely comfortable, soft, and elastic.

Seac wetsuits conform to the shape of the body, providing optimal comfort during dives. Female divers love wearing Seac wetsuits because of their perfect fit, allowing them to focus on their underwater adventures without any distractions.

Seac wetsuits are particularly engineered to allow for maximum movement in all situations. They allow women to move with comfort and confidence whether swimming, maneuvering through tight spaces, or performing various scuba diving tasks.

Seac scuba diving women's wetsuit
Featured Seac Women’s wetsuit for diving:
Seac 3mm Feel Women’s Wetsuit
Seac 5mm Komoda Flex Women’s Wetsuit
Seac 7mm Space Women’s Wetsuit

Feel Women’s WetsuitKomoda Flex WetsuitSpace Women’s Wetsuit
Thickness3 mm5 mm7 mm
Available SizesXS-XXLXS-XXLXS-XL
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com

9. XCEL women’s wetsuit for diving

Women scuba divers might benefit from purchasing from Xcel Wetsuits for a variety of reasons.

  • The TDC Thermo Dry Celliant lining of the ThermoFlex series provides great warmth, endurance, and recovery.
  • The Radiant Rebound technology, sealed cuffs, and seams guarantee optimum insulation while minimizing water intrusion.
  • The usage of compression-resistant eco foam increases the wetsuit’s resilience and lifetime.
  • Their Channel Flex stretch technology offers unrivaled flexibility and ease of movement.

Women scuba divers can expect top-notch quality and unique design from Xcel Wetsuits, allowing them to dive with confidence and enjoy their underwater experiences to the utmost.

XCEL women's wetsuit for diving
Featured Xcel full wetsuit for women:
Thermolite Women’s Dive Full Wetsuit 3/2mm
Thermoflex TDC 5/4mm Women’s Dive Full Wetsuit
Thermoflex Women’s Dive Full Wetsuit 8/7mm
Thermolite Full WetsuitThermoflex TDC Full WetsuitThermoflex Full Wetsuit
Thickness3/2 mm5/4 mm8/7 mm
Available Sizes4 – 144 – 144 – 16
Check PriceXcelwetsuit.comXcelwetsuit.comXcelwetsuit.com

10. Fourth Element women’s wetsuit

Fourth Element wetsuits utilize cutting-edge technology and materials. Their Thermocline fabric, for example, mixes high-stretch neoprene with recyclable elements to provide outstanding heat protection and flexibility. Because they employ high-quality materials and workmanship, their wetsuits are long-lasting investments.

Fourth Element is dedicated to lowering its environmental footprint. They make their wetsuits from recycled materials, reducing waste and resource use. Furthermore, the company regularly engages in ocean conservation activities, displaying its commitment to sustainability.

Female divers may put their faith in the brand’s dedication to producing high-quality, performance-driven wetsuits. Their exclusive innovations, specialized designs, sustainability practices, makes Fourth Element stand out as a top choice for female scuba wetsuits.

Fourth Element women's wetsuit
Featured Fourth Element scuba women’s wetsuit
Fourth Element Thermocline One Piece Front Zip for Women
Fourth Element 3mm Xenos Women’s Full Wetsuit
Fourth Element 5mm Xenos Women’s Full Wetsuit

Thermocline One Piece Front Zip3mm Xenos Wetsuit 5mm Xenos Wetsuit
Thickness2 mm3 mm7 mm
Available SizesXS-3XLXS-XXLXS-XL
Check PriceScuba.comScuba.comScuba.com

Tips for choosing the best scuba diving wetsuit for women

  • The thickness of your wetsuit should match the temperature of the water you’ll be diving in. Choose thicker neoprene (e.g., 5mm or 7mm) for colder seas, while a thinner alternative (e.g., 3mm) will suffice for warmer waters.
  • Make sure it fits snugly around your body without being too tight or too loose. Check the size chart of the brand you’re interested in and, if feasible, try on the wetsuit.
  • Look for flatlock or glued/blind-stitched seams and zippers to limit water ingress. Furthermore, well-sealed zippers will keep water out of the suit.
  • High-quality neoprene will provide superior insulation and durability. You get what. you pay for.
  • Choose a wetsuit enables you to move freely in the arms, shoulders, and legs.
  • Wetsuits with smooth linings, ankle zippers, or wrist zippers may make putting on and taking off the suit simpler.
  • Choose wetsuits from recognized manufacturers that are known for their quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.
  • If the environment is important to you, look for businesses that use sustainable materials and eco-friendly procedures in their wetsuits.
  • When possible, go to a local diving shop to test on several wetsuits to guarantee a proper fit.
  • While investing in a high-quality wetsuit is crucial, find one that is within your price range and has the features you need.

Remember that the correct wetsuit will keep you comfortable, warm, and safe when diving. Take your time researching, trying on several possibilities, and selecting a wetsuit that best meets your diving requirements and tastes. Once you find the best wetsuit for you, learn how to take care of your wetsuit so it will last for many dive adventures to come.

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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