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fahlo dolphin tracking bracelet

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My dolphin tracking bracelet has finally arrived in the mail, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Bracelets are one of my favorite items to wear, so when Fahlo offered to gift me one, I gladly accepted.

Fahlo is one of the businesses that are helping to save the ocean through their products. Fahlo, formerly known as Wildlife Collections, works with charity groups to create beaded bracelets that raise awareness and funding for endangered species.

They sent me a Fahlo dolphin bracelet, also known as their Odyssey Bracelet, but I was under no obligation to write about it. Nonetheless, I chose to write one since I liked my dolphin bracelet. I’m sure many dolphin fans would want to learn more about this wonderful bracelet.

In this post, I’ll explain my top reasons for loving these dolphin tracking wristbands, as well as why you should, too!

1. Each bracelet comes with a real dolphin to track

real dolphin tracking bracelet

Unlike other dolphin bracelets, this one comes with a real dolphin to track. When you receive your bracelet, you will also receive a postcard containing some basic information about a real live dolphin. You get to learn your dolphin’s name, and even what they look like.

I got a dolphin named John. And learning about this dolphin through Fahlo, made him even more real.

Knowing specific information about my dolphin, made me more invested in him. When I wear my dolphin bracelet, I often wonder where John is, and ‌if he is still alive! 

The dolphin bracelets are lovely reminders of the creatures, like John, that need our help.

If you want to enjoy a discount at Fahlo, make sure you use the code DIVERBLISS20 when you check out.

2. The dolphin tracking bracelets come in various colors

The bracelet I received was seafoam-colored with a gray dolphin bead. It’s simple but eye-catching. This has become my go-to accessory while traveling and I’ve received compliments while wearing them.

The dolphin tracking bracelets come in various colors to match your style and personality.

Fahlo Dolphin Tracking Bracelets

They currently have 9 Odyssey Bracelets. You get a different dolphin for each bracelet, so if you’re obsessed with following a dolphin’s journey, you can collect them all.

The bracelets are also stretchy so they fit most wrist sizes. My wrists measures 6.5″ and the dolphin bracelet fits me perfectly.

3. Supports FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab

FIU marine conservation ecology lab

Another amazing thing about this dolphin bracelet is that a portion of all proceeds are donated to FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab. One of their objectives is to connect people to ocean wildlife, which is why they collaborated with Fahlo to raise awareness about dolphins.

FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab is the organization responsible for tagging dolphins, so that researchers can better understand their movements and predict how environmental changes and human activities affect their populations. The data collected from the trackers are very important for the conservation and management of dolphins.

If you’re looking for bracelets that save our oceans, the Odyssey Bracelet is definitely worth buying. By purchasing this bracelet with a dolphin tracker, you are also helping fund the different conservation projects of FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab.

4. Track your dolphin using the Fahlo App

While the bracelets are a great reminder of your advocacy, what truly makes these track-a-dolphin bracelets stand out is the app that Fahlo developed so you can learn more about your dolphin and follow its adventure.

Fahlo track a dolphin mobile app

When you get your dolphin tracking card, there will be a little QR code that you can scan using your mobile phone. The link will open up in your browser to show an interactive map of your dolphin’s journey. However, for a full experience, you can download their Fahlo app, which is compatible with both iOS or Android devices.

In the app, you will find details about your dolphin, like what type of dolphin it is, its name, where it was tagged, and its size. But most importantly, you can learn where it has traveled in the ocean since the time that they tagged it. You can also learn how far your dolphin has swum from one point to another, how much it has traveled since the tag was placed, and even its average swimming speed!

In case you are wondering how this is possible, they can keep track of the dolphins through a small tag, typically placed on one of the dolphin’s dorsal fins. This tag uses satellite technology that reports their locations and other data. According to FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab, the very small and hydrodynamic tag is attached by means of a small pin through the trailing edge of the dorsal fin. It comes off the fin after the end of the battery life of the tag.

The dolphins are tagged with satellite-linked transmitters that report their locations and other data every-other-day. The very small and hydrodynamic tag is attached by means of a small pin through the trailing edge of the dorsal fin, and comes off the fin after the end of the battery life of the tag.

5. Great gifts for dolphin lovers

The Fahlo Odyssey bracelet is one of the best gifts for dolphin lovers. They’re suitable for men or women of all ages. They’re also very affordable and retails at $16.95, making them great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions.

The dolphin bracelets are also great to give to people with whom you’d like to share your passion. Tell your best friend or significant other the importance of saving dolphins through these track-a-dolphin bracelets.

As you can see, these dolphin tracking bracelets are more than just a fashion statement. They are also a statement of your commitment to help protect dolphins. So get one today! Feel free to use my discount code DIVERBLISS20 especially if you’re buying for your family and friends too!


Fahlo is a company based in Texas, USA and they work with non-profits to raise awareness and fund for specific wildlife, not just dolphins! Currently Fahlo has animal tracking bracelets for creatures like sharks, sea turtle, dolphins, penguins, polar bears, elephants, lions, and giraffes.


No, the company Fahlo is not a scam. Since 2018, Fahlo has donated over $1.3 million to its nonprofit partners. These conservation groups are:

  • Saving the Blue
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • Polar Bears International
  • Save the Elephants
  • FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab
  • Global Penguin Society
  • Ewaso Lions
  • Somali Giraffe Project

There are several copycats though, so these are the ones you need to look out for. Many other animal-tracking bracelet companies have emerged, claiming to do the same, but they do not have real partnerships with the nonprofits. So before purchasing any other animal tracking bracelets, check with the conservation organization to see if they are indeed partners with the said company.

Learn more about Fahlo.

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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