25 Best Whale Gifts for Adults

whale gifts for adults

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Whales are arguably one of the most popular creatures in the sea. You’ve probably read books about them or watched movies starring them. At one point in your life, you’ve probably wanted to see one in real life too.

But did you know that for the longest time, whales were not as loved and appreciated as they are now?

For centuries they were feared by men because of their gigantic size. They were hunted for food, for fun, and for profit. And while these practices still exist today, humans are starting to understand and co-exist with them. Rather than killing them, we are learning to protect them and give them the love they deserve.

Whales are highly intelligent creatures with playful personalities. They’re more adorable than scary (once you get to know them!) Those who give them a chance, find out that they are charismatic beings that should be revered instead of feared.

Many people have come to love these highly misunderstood creatures. If you’re one of them or know anyone who loves whales, then continue reading for the best whale gifts for adults.

From beautiful whale-themed home decors to whale-inspired merchandise, this list has the best whale presents you can get for both men and women.

This gift guide whale surely give you ideas on what to get that special someone in your life!

Whale Home Decor and Accessories

Buying gifts for a home is probably one of the most “adult” things you can do. Here are some of the most beautiful and unique whale home decor and accessories you can get for yourself, your family, or a friend. These whale themed gifts for adults are wonderful to be given as a housewarming present, wedding gift, anniversary gift, or any holiday for that matter.

1. Whale metal art

Whale wall art decor by Bennu Metal Wall Art
Whale decor by Bennu Metal Wall Art

Transform a boring room with this impressive metal whale wall decor. It is available in various sizes and colors to match any indoor or outdoor space. Place it in your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, or even office to show how much you love whales.

2. Couple diving with whale night lamp

Whale night light by Resin Art YPC Shop
Whale night light by Resin Art YPC Shop

This whale night light is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Handmade using wood and resin, it features 2 divers with a whale. Switch on the lights at night to see the full effect. The stunning piece makes a great gift for whale lovers who also dive.

3. Whale bookends

Creative Co-Op Whale Shaped Stone Resin (Set of 2 Pieces) Bookends, Bronze

Know a whale lover who loves to read or someone who is a huge fan of Moby Dick? Get them these whale metal bookends for their favorite ocean or diving books! It works as a great accent for bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, the office, or the study.

4. Ceramic whale planter

GeLive Set of 2 Whale White Ceramic Succulent Planter Air Plant Pot Window Box Decorative Container, 4 Inch, Indoor Outdoor Usage

Bring some life into your space with these beautiful ceramic whale planters. This decorative pot is ideal to hold small plants like succulents and cacti. The contemporary, simple and clean look of this whale pot will fit perfectly on any desk, shelf, or window sill. Any plant mom or dad will love this adorable whale gift.

5. Navy blue whale blanket

Lush Decor, Navy Whale Throw, Reversible Sherpa Blanket

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle under this soft and cuddly whale blanket? The blanket features swimming light blue and white whales which makes them a lovely gift for whale lovers. You can also use it as a throw for your couch or the foot of the bed to make your space comfier.

6. Whale butter dish

Dowan Turquoise Ceramic Whale Butter Dish

This cute and fun whale butter dish makes a wonderful gift as a housewarming present. It will make any whale lover smile and think of you every time they prepare toast in the morning or add butter to their favorite dish.

7. Whale tail bamboo cutting board

Totally Bamboo Whale Tail Shaped Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

This ocean whale cutting board is perfect as a housewarming, wedding or anniversary present. Any whale enthusiast will love serving their food like cheese and crackers on this bamboo serving board. When not in use, it can be a lovely wall decor too while hanging in your kitchen wall.

8. Elegant Whale Coasters

Elegant whale coasters by La Damasquina
Whale Coasters by La Damasquina

Made of porcelain earth tiles, these ceramic coasters with whale design will make your afternoon tea a delight. Serve your favorite hot or cold beverage with these elegant pieces to avoid water rings on your favorite table. These coasters double as a conversation starter if you would like to talk about whales with your guests while enjoying a cup of coffee.

9. Gray humpback whale driftwood sculpture- Rare find!

This gray humpback whale driftwood sculpture is a one-of-a-kind sea treasure. Measuring approximately 52″ across, this whale wood carving is the perfect focal point in any ocean-inspired room. This would be an extraordinary gift for whale lovers with a beach-themed home.

Gifts for Whale Lovers

If you are looking for whale gifts for adults regardless of their gender, here are some wonderful whale merchandise you can get them. These whale themed gifts are affordable and are perfect to be given during birthdays, Christmas and for no reason at all.

10. Tailfin bracelet

Whale gifts Tailfin bracelet from Fahlo
Use the coupon code: DIVERBLISS20 to get a discount on your first order at Fahlo.

Help save and support orcas by wearing this Tailfin bracelet from Fahlo. Choose from various cord color options like blue, red, black and even rainbow to match your style and personality. By purchasing this beautiful bracelet, you will be supporting Orca Research Trust whose mission is to protect orcas and their habitat.

If you like the idea of giving gifts that advocate for the ocean, check out my post on 10 Saving the Ocean Bracelets You’ll Love to Wear and Share.

11. Types of whale t-shirt

Types Of Whales Cute Ocean Mammals Guide T Shirt

This Types of Whale t-shirt is a lovely gift for men or women who love whales. The classic fit shirt features a Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Gray Whale, Orca, Narwhal, Beluga Whale, Humpback Whale, Sei Whale and more! Any ocean scientist, marine biologist, ocean advocate, or whale enthusiast will love wearing this fun and educational shirt.

12. Secrets of the Whales by Brian Skerry

Secrets of the Whales by Brian Skerry

Take a peek into the lives of the world’s largest mammals through this outstanding photo book. It is filled with breathtaking imagery of whales beautifully captured by Brian Skerry, who has explored and documented oceans for decades. Grab a copy of Secrets of the Whales today for the whale lover and bookworm that you know.

13. Milky Whales wooden jigsaw puzzle

UNIDRAGON Milky Whales Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw,

Challenge your mind with this whale wooden jigsaw puzzle.  If you are looking for an educational and fun gift, this unique puzzle is an awesome choice for the kids at heart. It can provide many hours of fun and entertainment for any whale and puzzle enthusiast.

14. Killer whale anatomy sweatshirt

Orca Sweatshirt by Life Shines
Orca Sweatshirt by Life Shines

Whale nerds rejoice! Here is a whale anatomy sweatshirt you would love to wear. Spark some conversation by wearing this comfy top featuring a whale’s anatomy. This is perfect to be worn for a casual night out or while lounging at home. Get one as a gift for scuba divers, marine scientists, oceanographers, ocean lovers, and of course, whale lovers!

15. Whale-shaped loose leaf tea infuser

Whale Silicon Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

This whale-shaped loose leaf tea infuser is a great gift for whale lovers who love drinking tea. The silicone strainer is the ideal, eco-friendly alternative to ordinary tea bags. To make any tea drinking experience more enjoyable, why not get a variety of loose leaf tea delivered to your doorstep each month. This combination “whale” really be a “tea”-riffic gift!

Whale Gifts for Men

Here are some cool whale gifts for men, grooms, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, husbands, or any male figures in your life. These whale-themed presents are perfect for Father’s day, anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, business partnerships, Christmas, and more!

16. Whale tail beach shorts

INGEAR Performance Men's Quick Dry SPF50+ Beach Shorts with Mesh Lining

Wear these whale beach shorts as you splash in the ocean or while lounging by the pool. This SPF50+ swim trunk features an elasticized waistband with drawstring closure and unique whale tail print. It is made with breathable and comfortable fabric so you can wear it all day long while you look out for whales from the sea shore.

These silver whale tail cufflinks are the perfect accessory for your ocean-loving man. This whale-themed gift can be worn for formal wear or business attire to give any man a polished look. Allow them to show their personality even when it’s time to be prim and proper.

18. Whale silk necktie

red and blue whale silk tie

Formal wear can also be fun with this whale silk necktie. This red and blue necktie features tiny whales to discreetly show your love for them. It comes in a leather tie case to prevent wrinkles while traveling to a conference or a beach destination wedding.

19. Whale tie clip

Add style and personality to your ensemble with this whale tie clip. It will help you secure your tie so it stays clean and out of the way. Any whale-loving man will appreciate a gift that is functional, fashionable, and fun!

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Whale Gifts for Women

Here are some unique whale gifts for the women in your life. Your mom, sister, girlfriend, best friend will love these whale-inspired gifts. Make Mother’s days, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s days, or Christmases more special by giving these thoughtful whale gifts for her.

20. Killer whale camo leggings

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Whale whale whale! Look what we have here! These Orca Camo Leggings are to die for, or should we say, absolute killers?! These pair are one of the best scuba leggings but you can also use them for other activities like yoga, hiking, or lounging at home! You can get these from Spacefish Army and they sell them in standard and plus-sizes. Whale you’re at it, you can get the matching killer whale rashguards too!

21. Lazy One whale pajamas

Lazy One Whale Pajamas for Women

These whaley tired pajama bottoms make great gifts for ocean and whale lovers alike. Lounge comfortably at home in these soft cotton sleepwear. You can also get a matching whaley tired pajama top to complete the look. This whale-themed gift is perfect for those who are always whale-y tired.

22. Whale tail necklace

Sterling Silver Whale Tail Lei Pendant Necklace

This stunning whale tail necklace captures the grace and power of these beautiful ocean hunters. The whale tail pendant is engraved with Maile detail and adorned with a garland of plumeria. Give this beautiful whale gift to any whale-loving woman and she will never want to take it off.

For more jewelry gift ideas, check out my post on best jewelry for ocean lovers.

23. Whale crossbody bag

Chala Mini Crossbody Handbag with whale design

This blue whale purse is one of the cutest crossbody bags you will find. It can fit your personal belongings and valuables while on a casual day out in town or on a romantic evening walk in the park. This whale-themed accessory is 100% durable and stylish, and 100% absolutely gorgeous!

For more gift ideas for women, check out my post on Best Scuba Diving Gifts for Her.

Whale Conservation Gifts

If you are looking for gifts that help whales, here are some whale conservation gifts you can check out! These are some of the best eco-friendly gifts you can get for whale lovers.

24. 4ocean whale 2-pound pack bracelet

4ocean is on a mission to stop plastic pollution that can kill whales. The 4ocean Whale Bracelets are made with a cord from recycled plastic, beads from recycled glass, and a stainless steel 4ocean tag. When you purchase a 2-pack recycled bracelet, 4ocean will remove 2 pounds of waste that can potentially be ingested by whales! If you are looking to support companies that helps in ocean conservation, get yourself a 4ocean bracelet today.

If you love wearing or giving bracelets for a cause, check out this list of bracelets that support ocean conservation, including the protection of whales!

25. Adopt a Whale

Did you know that you can actually adopt a whale? While you won’t be able to take them home, your symbolic adoptions can help towards the protection of a whale of your choice. There are several non-profit organizations that offer whale adoption so you can help fund their whale conservation efforts and research projects. If you would like to give a whale gift that has an impact on the species, here are the 10 Best Adopt A Whale Program That You Whale Love.

whale gift ideas for adults
best gifts for whale lovers

What whale-themed gifts would you want to receive on your birthday or a special occasion? Do you have a recommendation for the best whale gifts for adults? Leave a comment below!

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