35 Best Divers Log Books to Record Your Dives

35 best divers log books

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In this post, you will find 35 different divers log books you can use to record your dives. From traditional paper diving log books to digital methods of logging your dives, this list will give you the best options so you can keep track of your scuba diving experiences.

What are scuba divers log books?

Diving log books are tools scuba divers use to keep a record of their dives. While there are many dive logs in the market today, most dive logs will usually contain basic information such as:

  • Date and location of the dive
  • Depth (Maximum and Average)
  • Dive Time (Starting, Ending, Duration)
  • Starting and Ending Tank Pressures
  • Water Temperature

Other dive log books will also allow you to include information like:

Why should I use a dive log book?

When you start getting your scuba diving certification, one of the things your instructor will teach you is to log your dives. It is a diving best practice to log your dive as it gives you an idea of what transpired during your dive.

There are many reasons why you should log your dives and here are some of those reasons. Just remember 3 S’s: For Safety, Skills and your Sweet memories!


Logging your dives is a good safety practice, especially for new divers, because it reminds you to keep a note of your depth and time underwater. Dive log books will help you track if you are diving within your limits and following your dive plans.

When you are a new scuba diver or do not scuba dive often, your dive log book pages serve as proof of how many dives you have done. Many reputable dive shops will ask you to present your dive log book so they can assess better how experienced you are. In some cases, presenting your certification card might not be enough, especially if you are doing more advanced or challenging dives.

Skills Development

Diver log books also encourage you to take note of your personal statistics to see how you are progressing as a scuba diver. When you compare your first dive to your most recent one, you will see how much you’ve improved and how much more you can improve. If you are struggling with your diving skills your dive log will be a helpful tool to note these things and work on them.

Divers who also want to take additional scuba diving certification or become a dive professional are required to have a minimum number of dives. Your dive log book will be a good way to prove that you are an eligible candidate for the additional scuba certifications.

Sweet memories

Your diving log books will also help you remember those sweet, sweet diving memories. If you are doing multiple dives a day and hundreds of dives per year, keeping track of what happened can be very confusing. Your dive log books can contain information that will help you remember dive sites and dive experiences that you’ve made throughout the years. Keeping a dive log is a good way to keep track of the different types of diving you’ve done in each place you’ve visited.

Still not convinced why you should keep a scuba diving log book? Here are 10 of the Best Reasons Why You Should Log Your Dives.

What are the different kinds of scuba diving log books?

Traditional divers log books

Traditional diving log books involve logging dives using your pen and paper. These diving log books have pages and can come as booklets and binders. There are many kinds of log books for diving and here are some of them:

1. Customized Scuba Log Book by Dive Proof

What to love about the Dive Proof dive log book:

  • Personalized covers and choose from several different dive log layout to suit your needs
  • 100% waterproof dive log book
  • Also greaseproof, tear-proof, wipeable, and chemically and UV resistant
  • Option for Features Page: World map, Equipment Packing Checklist, Bucketlist page, Notes Pages
  • 3 waterproof pockets to store your certification cards.
  • Customized scuba diving log books are unique gifts for scuba divers

2. Scubapro Divers Log Book

No products found.

What to love about this Scubapro Divers Log Book:

  • waterproof pages
  • good compact size 5.9 x 3.6
  • lots of space to write

3. Scuba Diving Log Binder + Bonus 50 Refills

Scuba Diving Log Binder. +Bonus 50 Refills

What to love about this scuba dive log binder:

  • Rubberized, water-resistant binder feels great in your hand.
  • 3-ring binder also fits PADI log books
  • Slots for dive cards and pens to help you keep organized
  • Comes with 50 dive log pages
  • Useful scuba gift for men

4. PADI Diver’s Blue Log and Training Record

What to love about the PADI diving log book:

  • Comes with a multitude of Training Records for all types of classes
  • Plenty of space to fill in your dive information 
  • Fits the PADI Dive Log Book Binder

5. Handmade Leather Dive Log Book by Lettucetory

What to love about this leather cover dive log book

  • Handmade Leather Logbook Cover with 52 sheets o
  • Worldwide Dive Sites Map plus 1 Colored Dot Sticker – 200g Coated Paper
  • 3-Slot Card Holder

6. Travel-Friendly Scuba Dive Log Book with Protective Sleeve

What to love about this travel dive log book:

  • 4″ x 6″ travel-friendly size that can log 40 dives
  • Protective water-resistant sealable sleeve
  • Includes dive gear checklist, goal list, and space for dive highlights

7. Scuba Diver Log Book

What to love about this scuba diver log book:

  • small size (6×9 in)
  • more than log for more than 100 dives
  • scuba cover

8. Girls That Scuba Dive Log Book

What to love about the GTS dive log book:

9. Diver Under the Sea Photo Scuba Dive Log Book by Shady Dog Designs

What to love about this dive log book:

  • Contains 51 log pages
  • Choose from a variety of covers
  • Nice compact size 4.25″ x 6.88″

10. Loose-leaf dive log with PVC cover by Lettucetory

What to love about this scuba diving log book:

  • A6 Size Loose-leaf pages for 100+ dives
  • Has transparent pvc cover for extra protection
  • Includes bucket list page, milestone page, dive site map, stickers, pvc zipper pouch, and 3-slot card holder.

11. Diving Log Book with Scuba Flag Design

What to love about this diving log book with scuba flag design cover:

  • 6×9 inches in size perfect for travel
  • Can Log 216 Dives
  • Simple clean design with the basic information you need
  • Easy to use

12. Custom Dive Log Book Cover by Rrrusha

What to love about this dive log book:

  • Custom Watercolor Cover with 50 dive logs
  • Uses environmental recycled paper, FSC certified, bright white, acid-free text paper
  • Recycled brown paper for inside cover & back cover

13. Sea Turtle 3-Ring Zippered Log Book Binder

Sea Turtle Scuba Diving 3 Ring Zippered Log Book Binder with FREE Generic Log Insert

What to love about this sea turtle log book binder

  • Three-ring binder can be refilled easily
  • Water-resistant cordura won’t scuff or tear
  • Has pockets and slots for your dive cards, pens, and other items
  • Zips closed to keep logs safe
  • Great gift for sea turtle lovers!

14. Travel Size Scuba Diving Log Binder +Bonus 70 Refill

What to love about this scuba diving log book binder:

Printable Diving Log Books

Printable diving log books are great alternatives for those who like logging dives on traditional paper. Downloadable dive logs are great for those who like DIYs (Do It Yourself). You can buy them once at an affordable price and print them as many as you want.

15. Printable Dive Log Template by Diver Bliss

What to love about this printable dive log book:

  • multiple layout options of A4, A5, A6 sizes
  • available in aqua blue, black, or pink colors
  • clean simple look
  • it’s FREE!

16. Digital Scuba Dive Log Bundle (Printable) by Calima Creative

What to love about this printable scuba dive log bundle:

  • includes six beautiful printable scuba Dive Log templates
  • can also be used on an iPad with an Apple pencil to store your dive log digitally
  • can be purchased as a bundle or as individual files

17. Printable Scuba Dive Log Sheets by Life Is Balance

What to love about this printable scuba dive log book:

  • Comes with a personal information page, dive buddy information pages, pre-dive checklists, log book pages
  • two on a page as a spread on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet
  • can fit a 3-ring binder

18. Digital Download Scuba Diving Logbook Pages by High Mountain Sea

What to love about this digital download scuba diving logbook pages:

  • Comes with a personal information page, dive buddy information pages, pre-dive check lists, log book pages
  • sized for an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ binder
  • lots of room for notes

19. Scuba Diving Log Book Pages by Book Bird Template

What to love about this scuba diving log book:

  • All source files are provided as *.AI, *.PSD, *.EPS, *.PPTX and *.PDF versions.
  • Customize fonts, colors, graphics
  • Simple clean layout with icons

20. Jellyfish Printable Log book by Electric Seahorse

What to love about this printable dive log book:

  • Cool jellyfish design
  • Multiple layouts and size
  • Other animal design options

21. Dive Log Book PDF Printable File by Toes in Sand Digitals

What to love about this printable dive log:

  • 1 PDF File for Half Sheet Books
  • 1 PDF File for Full Sheet Books

22. Fillable Divers Log Book Pages by Neat and Tidy Design

Things to love about this PDF divers log book:

  • Fields are fillable
  • Available in LETTER size (8.5 x 11 inches) and A4 size (21 x 29 cm).
  • Comes in three colours: Coral, Gold and Teal

Best dive log apps and digital scuba diving logs online

Digital Dive Logs are great for those who don’t like jotting down their dive record on paper. Apps, web-based, or digital dive logs are easy and convenient to use. Most dive computers will have a recommended dive log app that works well with them.

You can easily upload or transfer your dive record onto this app or software so you instantly have a record of your dive. Electronic dive log books are perfect for those who prefer using a computer or your mobile phone to track your dives.

Here are some of the best online dive log books you can download.

23. Subsurface

  • open source dive log program for recreational, tech, and free-divers
  • runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • supports multiple dive computers

24. Scuba Earth Apps

  • for iOS and Android users
  • allow you to log dives directly from the dive site and connect with your dive buddies
  • share dive experiences on other social media sites  

25. MacDive

  • digital dive log for macOS and iOS
  • catalog and identify critters encountered on dives
  • location site tracking

26. DiveMate

  • digital dive log for Android
  • allows for you to capture your diving experiences with pictures, notes and buddy’s signature
  • compatible with various dive computers

27. Diviac

  • cloud-based scuba logbook, available for web, iOS and Android
  • allows you to download your logs from more than 100 dive computer models
  • marine database for divers

28. DiveBoard

  • access anywhere and anytime with the DiveBoard mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Upload your dive profiles, mark down the species you’ve spotted, dive pics and notes
  • Allows you too book with dive shops and leave reviews

29. Suunto DM5

  • available for PC and Mac
  • compare your dive details like max depth, gas time or water temperature, create and upload detailed dive plans to your dive computer
  • offers also display customization and firmware updates for Suunto EON Steel, Suunto EON Core and Suunto D5 owners,

30. Shearwater

  • made for Shearwater dive computers
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

31. Dive+

  • compatible with Weefine Smartphone Housing
  • edit diving pictures and videos with one-touch color restoration

32. DeepBlu dive logs

  • Upload your dive logs wirelessly from your COSMIQ dive computer
  • Import photos and videos to the profile of your dives
  • Connect with others in the Deepblu diving community

33. LogTRAK App for ScubaPro

  • software that allows your SCUBAPRO computer to communicate with a PC running Windows or MacOS.
  • Store & analyze dive logs via Bluetooth

34. Diverlog App

  • Compatible with Aqualung, Oceanic, Sherwood dive computers
  • Add photos and videos
  • Sync your dives with the DiveCloud online dive data backup system 

35. Oceans.io

  • Compatible with Oceans S1 Supersonic dive computer but can be used even if you do not have this dive computer
  • Allows you to tag dive centers and dive buddies
  • Upload photos and videos

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Which kind of dive log do you use? Do you have a recommendation for the best dive log books? Leave a comment below.

The links above may be affiliate links. If you shop through them, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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